HEE Chatbox Rules

These are the rules for using the chatbox. Breaking the rules will result in banning from the chatbox.
  • Please behave like an adult at all times.
  • Please be respectful of other members at all times even if they disagree with you.
  • Flaming, trolling, harassing, bashing, and antagonizing other members or staff is not allowed.
  • Do not start or participate in drama.
  • We follow the Golden Rule. If you can't be nice then please keep it to yourself.
  • Don't gossip about other members or talk negatively about other members.
  • Keep all conversations PG-13. Discussion about illegal activities or inappropriate subject matter such as drugs, underage drinking, hacking, self harm, suicide, abuse, religion, explicit sexuality, etc is not allowed.
  • Please follow instructions from staff members.
  • Cuss words are permitted. However these may not be used excessively or directed at people.
  • Typing in all caps is not permitted.
  • Don't beg for money, horses, or other items.
  • Don't make personal posts to other people that it their turn to do something (RP, play games, etc). That is what your mailbox is for.
  • Please do not flood the chatbox with emoticons or other nonsense.
  • Please use proper spelling and grammar. Text speak and chat speak are not allowed.
  • You have to be a member for 1 day before you can use the chatbox.
  • Advertising, promotion, or discussion of other games, websites, products or services is not allowed.
  • If you are advertising in the Sales Chat, you may only make one post until your post falls off the screen. Then you may make another.
  • Chat transcripts are retained for a period of time. Even if your post falls off the screen, we can still see it.

Where To Post

The Main Chat is for generalized discussion about HEE, life, or anything else that doesn't break the rules above. Advertising is not allowed. If you want to have a conversation about selling your horses or prices on horses please post it in the Sales Chat.

The Sales Chat is for wheeling and dealing. This is the only place for advertising breeding, auctions, sales, art, straws, want ads, doing trades, give aways, etc. This is the place to have a discussion about how to price your horses. As always advertising for other games is NOT allowed anywhere.

Also, we don't allow veiled advertising in Main chat. This means don't link horses up for sale or breeding or free range and talk about them. As this has been abused by people trying to sell/breed horses. If you would like to post great things about them, or if you should keep/sell/breed them, either take them down from sale/breeding or chat about them in Sales chat.

Game Staff

The Staff Members of the game have their stable name displayed in different colors. If a member of the staff asks you to stop doing something, or gives a rules reminder, please listen to them. We have rules to keep the chat safe and enjoyable for all.

Administrator names are in Blue.
Moderator names are in Green.

Rule Breaking

If you see someone who is breaking the rules feel free to report them to a Mod or Admin. Be sure to include their stable number and copy of the message they posted. Rule breaking results in Warnings, Timeouts, and Banning from the Chatbox.

Please remember that you are in a Public Chat, not a private one. We all feel cozy with our friends, but it is important to keep in mind that the whole game can see what you're typing. If you would like to have a Private chat with your friends, use your Neighborhood Page.