10:16:53 Golden|Sierra|Sara
Sip of bitch is special UnU -HEE Click-
Two Diamond Ranch
10:16:29 Madz
fuzzy babyface -Click-
10:16:10 Tea
Cando, yes he is. And he hates most other horses.
Cando Farm
10:15:49 Lil l Cando l Canlil
Is he a gelding tea?
Moon Wolf EQ Center
10:15:39 Wolfy || Luna || Ath
Aw. Thanks.

How was your RO
10:14:37 o.o Lucky
Oof >.<
Im sorry to hear that.

Please enjoy some fake popcorn as emotional support :3
10:14:31 Tea
Zippy and the horse my sister leases, Duchess, were chilling over the fence when I went to go grab him for a lesson earlier tonight. He pinned his ears and moved closer to Duchess when I approached them, and he doesn't normally do that.
xD maybe he's in looooove
Shady Tree Farm
10:14:04 RRR/Delta Side
I have a tendency to catch them, think "oh I can't get rid of them". Then come back the next day, not care anymore and just FR them lol
kiwi Mountains
10:12:16 aurora
-HEE Click- I made this on the night of RO I adore it XD
Two Diamond Ranch
10:12:08 Madz
Snowy ponies ;-; -Click- peep our giant baby, Bat, the black horse. He's 3.
Moon Wolf EQ Center
10:12:05 Wolfy || Luna || Ath
Eh. It sucks. I realized on thanksgiving that the guy i've been crushing on for 4 years now has a girlfriend. So yeah. Life could be better
10:11:55 Tea
I usually just toss em anyways. If I don't name them, I'm not attached
Shady Tree Farm
10:11:25 RRR/Delta Side
That's the best kind! The ones that you can't bear to FR because they're pretty to look at xD
10:10:41 Tea
Maybe if I just got a ton of random wild PONs... like the shinies I capture that don't have good enough ratings...
10:10:17 o.o Lucky
So so haha. But thats regular lol.

How have you been?
kiwi Mountains
10:09:23 aurora
@ Tea I did that my SA but with rated horses instead, I got #15 top junior breeding award lol
Moon Wolf EQ Center
10:09:15 Wolfy || Luna || Ath
How are you licky? Life treating you okay?
What other studs other than Val do all of you recommend?
Shady Tree Farm
10:08:48 RRR/Delta Side
My feral ponies xD
-HEE Click-
10:08:27 o.o Lucky
Hi lol
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New Splash! September 28, 2020 02:33 PM

Padam Ponies
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Gorgeous! Awesome job Art Team!
New Splash! September 28, 2020 02:40 PM

Silver creek Ranch
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New Splash! September 28, 2020 02:41 PM

Misty Streams
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These look great! Thanks art team <3
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Amazing job art team! Thanks eve :)
New Splash! September 28, 2020 02:54 PM

Hideaway HorseCenter
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Homo 2 and Hetero 1 are stunning! Congrats and thanks to the art team, they've stepped up yet again and blown my socks off!
New Splash! September 28, 2020 02:58 PM

~Skye Acres~
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O.o I'm obsessed! Y'all are making it so hard to keep track of the new het/homo markings in my head xD
New Splash! September 28, 2020 03:00 PM

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I adore this! Cross my fingers
New Splash! September 28, 2020 03:03 PM

Butternut Equine
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Wow! Great job art team!
New Splash! September 28, 2020 03:07 PM

Snow Stable
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Wow! I love these, especially the homo 2!
I also appreciate what the art team did with the money. Very thoughtful!

Edited at September 28, 2020 03:08 PM by Snow Stable
New Splash! September 28, 2020 03:07 PM

Black Flag Stables
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Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Eve and Art Team!

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