Purple Pegasus Farm
11:06:11 Graceful
Level five race up.
Wintergreen Gardens
11:05:40 Winter
JigSaw Elite
aw :3 that makes me happy to hear <3
Wintergreen Gardens
10:59:34 Winter
Yeah! I cant wait to see it in its final form @ JigSaw
Garner Stud
10:56:51 Soupy
JigSaw Elite
thanks wintergreen ^.^
JigSaw Elite
original characters
Wintergreen Gardens
10:55:35 Winter
Looks good @ JigSaw
Garner Stud
10:55:07 Soupy
What are OCs?
Luna's Stable
JigSaw Elite
the lineart will be tweaked later
JigSaw Elite
-Click- hows this look so far? I'm working on the base currently
10:51:58 puck
tells you the genetics for a horse's coat colors
Luna's Stable
what does the genetic test do
10:47:45 Legion
Fancy feast, from my research, is one of the more affordable canned foods that's not prescription and won't break the bank.
Cain Manor
10:46:53 TFB || Gym Coach
ItÂ’s a little disappointing when you log back on after a while with an empty mail box...
Abstract Dunes
10:46:35 Abs
He'll eat Fancy Feast. But anything that is remotely like, a "healthy" food, he'll turn his nose up at.
10:46:21 Legion
If he's having trouble keeping food down, I would honestly try something for kittens. It's easier to digest
10:45:18 Legion
Well, I like fancy feast, but they have a nice variety of canned food ranging from the usual pate all the way to actual fish.
Abstract Dunes
10:44:36 Abs
Yea I just need to make a vet appointment. Just hate how you have to do them right now.
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Is W better than E? Also can you get WWWs or is just WEE combos?
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Yes. And Yes.
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Thanks Jello!

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