Jumping life stable
What to do with this lovey guy
-HEE Click-
Jumping life stable
Overloard-one year I played and a girl piched a ball and broke my finger
Jumping life stable
The Family Business
12:01:47 Overlord of Monday
Me too. I want to be a catcher because I know I can throw down for non softball people throw it from home plate to second base
Wolfs Ire
11:59:58 Fawn
Thank you guys :D She's also RnRn and Prlprl so I can't wait to breed her.
Jumping life stable
Overloard-i play all out fild bc i have one hella of arm to get to in
SilverFox Ranch
11:58:57 Silver/Foxxy
-HEE Click-

Woohoo! xD
The Family Business
11:58:15 Overlord of Monday
What position do you play? I play third and outfield
Moon Wolf EQ Center
11:58:03 Wolf // Luna
-HEE Click-
What are you doing with your training shashta?
The Family Business
11:57:36 Overlord of Monday
-HEE Click-
I don’t even breed TB and I won him
Jumping life stable
Bee and overloard-i play both
11:56:50 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Pretty girl Fawn :)
11:56:48 🔥Thunder
Okay, one last photo.
This dog belongs to my cousin's friend.
11:56:42 puck
Name her susan
The Family Business
11:56:32 Overlord of Monday
That’s amazing. People need to buy mustangs because they are a nuisance in some places and it saves them from certain death
Jumping life stable
Names for her -HEE Click-
11:56:05 puck
Fawn omg that's awesome!
Queen Bee Equine
11:55:59 Bee
Overloard, Thats funny! I also play volleyball
Wolfs Ire
11:55:27 Fawn
YES! First EEP combo Dun TB filly I've bred :D
-HEE Click-
The Family Business
11:54:56 Overlord of Monday
I’m sorry. I play softball so I know camps are hard
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Need match help? Post here! July 1, 2020 09:39 PM
Moon Wolf EQ Center
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Horse:Honey Rain (click)
Other Restrictions (Color, rating, breed):WWE+combo

Need match help? Post here! July 1, 2020 09:46 PM
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Budget: less then 6k per horse
Other Restrictions (Color, rating, breed):WEE+combo
I thought I'd do them all in one post in stead of individual.

Need match help? Post here! July 4, 2020 12:18 PM

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All 3 of my quests are for breeding... Any breed/gender would be fine. If you'd like to know what I mainly have, its TBs and SPs. I have a few of others breeds I think are pretty...
Breed a triple Premium homozygous Champagne (ChCh) foal.
Breed a triple Premium Rabicano, Sabino, and Splash White foal.
Breed a triple Premium Pearl horse (ee Prlprl CcrC)
Thank you for your help!

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