Rosewater Eventing
03:04:17 Rose/Bailey
Same! lol The first horse I cantered was a bratty Shetland pony named Nemo! haha
Thoroughbred Evente
Blitz Farms
03:04:02 Blitz x TB
03:04:01 Kait
Moon rise,PONs are great color horses if thats what you'd like to do:)
Ryshadium RIDs
03:03:45 InkSpren
TB are X
Star Show Warmbloods
03:03:24 Star
AA or WB
Olive Tree Equine
03:03:07 cloud
ive been able to canter since i was 5
Moon rise pack
I'm about to do capture what breed should i do?
Blitz Farms
03:02:51 Blitz x TB
Here's another pic of me and Sherlock. Loved him to pieces! He was never mine, but I literally only rode him for eight months straight until that particular barn closed down. Miss you bub!
Mount Your Horse
@Tea for the longest time I could not canter, but then this summer our friend invited us to go help with their horses... so she taught us how to canter (we were bareback at the time) and then we all taught ourselves how to jump! (bareback of course lol) We all knew how to two-point so we do jumping comps and races all over the place
Rosewater Eventing
03:01:51 Rose/Bailey
Can a pallete expert pm me? I have a question to ask.
03:00:36 Tea
Awwwh poor pony
Mount Your Horse
This old man is Igor; our mothers old hunters horse we just sold him

Then these two are Blue; our dads 17.2 who died in 2019
Our seven year old friend came with us, this is him on Blue, both pictures 18 hours before he died
Ryshadium RIDs
02:58:56 InkSpren
Afternoon folks.
02:56:13 Tea
I finally figured out how to canter without making a huge fuss and he was ANGELIC and I love him. He's so smooth <3 <3
02:56:10 The French Touch
Hi guys, I haven't played since 2 years or more ... Thanks covid 19 XD
Hi everyone
02:54:38 Tea
I was off my horse for two weeks so my instructor put me on a 17hh OTTB. He was FUN. But I couldn't reach the top of his back easily from the ground and I had to jump to get on his back lmao
Blitz Farms
02:54:22 Blitz x TB
I love Zippy, Tea! :D
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Question regarding bravery ratings October 17, 2020 10:53 AM
Moon Light Bay
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Been away for a bit and now I'm back. Can't seem to find where to go to rate horse's bravery. Help.
Question regarding bravery ratings October 17, 2020 11:03 AM
Darley Heights
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You can find out a horses bravery by selecting the horse in Explore. Once the horse spooks for the first time, it reveals what its bravery is. Hope this helps!
Question regarding bravery ratings October 18, 2020 03:02 AM
Megan's Meadows
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Your horse needs to be at least 2 years old in order to go explore

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