Sunstone Elite
07:00:53 Sun/Sunny
She's super nice Zippy :)

That makes sense AL :P
Neverland Estates
07:00:40 Zippy
Thanks :D Pretty pleased with her!
Looking Glass Stable
06:59:23 Won the Game
Ooh, and she has Vitiligo! What a lucky catch, Zippy! Congrats (:
Just Chaos
06:59:00 AL
New blood and not next big LB horse
Lilac Garden
06:58:44 This is Hill | Lilac
Zippy she is beautiful
Neverland Estates
06:58:03 Zippy
I got this and my finger is trigger happy to screw money for matches next RO and capture with maps lol
-HEE Click-
Just Chaos
06:57:52 AL
That way I can use some maps and try to get some new blood in my stable without going nuts
Looking Glass Stable
06:57:31 Won the Game
Agh I'm sorry to hear that, Sunny D:
Sunstone Elite
06:56:51 Sun/Sunny
I think that's a good goal.
Just Chaos
06:56:10 AL
I think I will stick to my monthly 10 captures and nothing more from now on
Sunstone Elite
06:55:33 Sun/Sunny
On capture day*
Sunstone Elite
06:54:59 Sun/Sunny
Ahaha, they won't be going anywhere over here anytime soon either xD After not getting any W+ combos with the massive amount of maps and boosts I used, I have no further interest in capturing again.
violets flora
sure thats fine
violets flora
sorry for double
Just Chaos
06:54:07 AL
I won't be completing those in 10 years or so Sunny LOL
Lilac Garden
06:54:07 This is Hill | Lilac
Can I friend you so I can message you quick and easy?
violets flora
ah oki if hes for breeding 144 let meh know
Lilac Garden
06:53:38 This is Hill | Lilac
Ok will do!
Sunstone Elite
06:53:14 Sun/Sunny
Trade with me AL. I have the PEE combo, capture 100, and capture 400 :X
violets flora
ah oki if hes for breeding 144 let meh know
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Help Me Questions April 8, 2021 07:25 PM
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I can't remember if I asked the question on this account or my sa. But where can I view the answer to Help Box questions? Both my own and others, because I am curious.
Help Me Questions April 8, 2021 07:36 PM

Amhain Dull Liath
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If you mean the section in Help>Help Me:

When a stable replies to a question you have submitted, the response will be sent to your Game Mail folder. You can find your mailbox in Stable>Mailbox. When this happens your question will be removed from the Help Me section as it is marked answered. If you didn't get the help you needed or you are still confused on an aspect of the original question, you can either message the stable that responded to you (it is listed in the game mail message) OR you can post in the Help Me section again.

You cannot see responses to questions other players have submitted. This is currently a suggestion in the Forums, but not a guaranteed addition. If you want to see answers to questions other players have had in the past just go to the Guides or Member Help sub-forums.

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