Sunset Grove Farm
I made my ocs on hee not wp 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Sunset Grove Farm
Same here lol. O have quite a few ocs form my time rping in wp, I ended up leaving wp and need to track done my very detailed ocs >~>

I'm stupid and didn't write them down in my notes
07:24:11 Kirra
Supernatural is one of my favourite genres
~ Hades ~
07:23:14 Chat Loner
G'night peoples !
Sunset Grove Farm
Will do ^^

If anyone has any plot suggestions let me know, stoll trying to decide between supernatural, human or canines
07:21:51 Kirra
Awesome, let me know when it's done :)
Sunset Grove Farm
Great :D

It will be semi lit to lit because I want everyone to have something to actually reply to

I'll start working on it in my notes and then copy and paste it into the forum because it's annoying to make a wip forum lol
07:16:59 Kirra
Yesss sunset :)
Sunset Grove Farm
Just curious, I haven't made an rp on hee for almost a year now and I haven't rpes in almost a month

Would anyone be interested in a fantasy or semi realistic detailed roleplay?
California Valley
07:12:17 Cali | Kale | Call
Oh nice! I might be getting another Shepherd puppy because I really miss my other one that passed away. I would love a Dutch Shepherd
~ Hades ~
07:08:34 Chat Loner
So Lynk is GSD x American Staghound x GSP
California Valley
07:07:45 Cali | Kale | Call
Lab or retriever?
~ Hades ~
07:06:50 Chat Loner
He's in fact part GSD but what else is he hmm
California Valley
07:06:31 Cali | Kale | Call
Hades he looks like he has some GSD in him or some kind of Shepherd
Varchie Jones
07:06:04 Shelvie
Anyone want to start a rp? Please PM me with topics if you're up to it!
~ Hades ~
07:04:55 Chat Loner
From a different angle
~ Hades ~
07:03:58 Chat Loner
My itty bitty big boy
Guess his breeds
~ Hades ~
07:03:11 Chat Loner
Didn't see Cali's message but whoo I got something right for once
07:03:04 Bailey
Same Hades lol
07:02:56 Tangle || Woody
Oh. That makes sense
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Some Guidelines And Tips for Posting On This Forum

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