06:29:34 Naito
Wait what??
-HEE Click-
Arctic Dusk
05:56:01 AL (RID/WB)
You could send link on pm
05:42:29 Deku
I would show you her but I put her up for sale and I don't wanna get in trouble for it :'(
Chloes Estates
05:42:19 CE | Chloe
-HEE Click-
only if horses irl could have coats like this lol
05:41:34 Deku
Capricorn Elites
05:41:26 Capri
Mega rip
05:40:53 Deku
you guys get some of the prettiest babs. I messed up my pretty baby cause I kept retooling and I regretted it
Capricorn Elites
05:40:46 Capri
-HEE Click-
I also bred this boy on ro
capricorn her head!!! soo pretty
Capricorn Elites
05:39:46 Capri
Thanks Deku
05:39:10 Deku
@capri woah that's an interesting little filly! pretty none the less but wow
05:38:22 Deku
your welcome uwu
Capricorn Elites
05:38:20 Capri
-HEE Click-
thank you <3
05:37:18 Deku
both are beautiful beans holy heck
05:36:48 Deku
@confederate such a gorgeous bean <3
-HEE Click- i meant to show drooling
05:28:03 Deku
so I kinda asked the person I liked out to go to the school football game he said idk I will think about it :')

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