Moonlight Stud
07:52:57 Lee
So I finally decided on who to send Electric to lol.
Morning Glory Farms
07:52:47 Tericipatrivia/MGF
Morning capp <3
Llama Queen
07:52:42 Working Joe Llama
It is different on Private property here too Cap.
Hey Lee! <3
TBH I dont think you can be the one to "figure it out" I'd go to the police, personally. Because leaving the scene can be admission of guilt. Again, dont know how it works in the US but thats how it is here
Llama Queen
07:51:39 Working Joe Llama
There the beasties are all entered.
Moonlight Stud
07:51:18 Lee
Capp. <3
07:49:59 Ren
My husband gets horrible anxiety. He panicked and didnt get any info besides the guys number.
Shouldnt the police have gotten involved right away? Because people involved cant be left to figure it out..? I'm not sure how things work in the US but if you leave a scene here it's a lost cause without reports
07:47:42 Ren
Yeah scythe, I'm going to the station right now to see the footage.
07:46:42 Ren
Because his car is damaged enough (bumper is slightly off and exposed metal underneath) that we would need to fix it. It isn't purely cosmetic.
Morning Glory Farms
07:43:16 Tericipatrivia/MGF
-HEE Click- umm up week 7 in one? What??
Dawn Creek Stables
-HEE Click- Went to fr him as it says Buckskin and they're too common for my liking, but neeeeeeevermind!
Sunstone Elite
07:40:32 Sun/Sunny
Ah. Good boy Hades. Better to level late than never xD
Llama Queen
07:40:25 Working Joe Llama
Though I think I'd agree with Scythe here.
Llama Queen
07:39:49 Working Joe Llama
so maybe I'm missing something, but if it's that minor, and on private property why are you trying to figure it out?
07:39:42 Maine
I'd say probably the guy who scraped him was at fault. Gas station etiquette is interesting, but your husband stopped and all
07:37:56 Ren
Very minor bump so no human damage. Haha
07:37:21 Ren
Hes fine. He has a 96 geo metro and the damage is only the front bumper. He was getting gas and pulled out at the same time as someone next to him. He stopped but the guy turned into him and scraped along his car. Not sure who is at fault.
Drakenstone Manor
07:37:10 Lee
Thats horrible Ren, hope your hubby is alright!
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Can you use images from pixabay? June 28, 2019 03:32 PM
Silver Creek Stables
Posts: 2
Idk if this would go on this thread but i was wondering if we were aloud to use images from pixabay. I had an image from the site and used a text thing from a app on my computer and put all the credits in my shout box but it still got taken down. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong or if we are aloud to use images from pixabay. Thanks!
Can you use images from pixabay? June 28, 2019 03:37 PM

Jellos Warmbloods
Posts: 8060
No pixabay or pexels allowed.

Deviantart, FLICKR, and Unsplash are good, allowed, free stock resources.
You must check and make sure that on DA and FLICKR you are using stock, not art; and are following the providers rules.

Your credits must be ON the image. They can not be in your shoutbox.

Edited at June 28, 2019 03:39 PM by Jellos Warmbloods
Can you use images from pixabay? June 28, 2019 03:38 PM

Posts: 1100
The credits must be on the picture from my understanding, I would talk to a game mod.
Can you use images from pixabay? June 28, 2019 03:53 PM
Silver Creek Stables
Posts: 2
Okay! Thanks for the help!

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