HRC Eventers.
09:49:32 Winter
what does giving your account a love potion do? XD
Sunstone Elite
09:49:13 Sun/Sunny
That stinks xP Colt curses hit 4/5 of my accounts this year. I definitely am hoping for fillies this coming month :)
09:48:52 ♞ Tosk
And this
-HEE Click-

+ Jumping med
09:46:35 ♞ Tosk
Hoping for a filly this time, so far 2/2 were colts ._.
Sunstone Elite
09:46:15 Sun/Sunny
Oooh good luck AL!

And good luck Tosk, that looks pretty good!
09:45:32 ♞ Tosk
I'm excited for this
-HEE Click-

+ dressage med
09:45:14 Ceci / (Call me) AL
I'm tossing my dun tb army at him next month. I hope for another Morri
Sunstone Elite
09:44:23 Sun/Sunny
It's my first big TB match. I'm super excited, I've been wanting to get into them for ages!

She is Tosk *_*
And yes AL, he's given some good foals too so I'm excited at the prospect
Dream Weaver Ranch
09:43:58 Maddie/Madeline
Nice one Sun!
09:43:42 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Hey Hades :] Isn't it like, 1am for you? But still, glad to see you.
Eh, some things are okay. Some.
09:43:40 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Only WWW coming up unless wilds are caught is Rainman and he doesn't match now
09:41:26 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Half Magic would be a good match I think
09:40:51 ♞ Tosk
She's nice ;o
Sunstone Elite
09:39:16 Sun/Sunny
-HEE Click- I also have this mare's brood in 132. I'm thinking Half Magic for her, unless any new boys pop up that match better.

Hashtag would be ok too, but the int would be iffy.
09:37:03 ♞ Tosk
There are so many possibilities from that match though :P
Sweetwater Creek
Hmm I might need to invest in some PPP color foals
09:36:10 Teflon Brain
@Sweetwater And how high the stallion is.
Sunstone Elite
09:35:19 Sun/Sunny
I'm more hoping for Verity to pass the Ch XP

But I can't argue color over better matches as much as I want to >.> Bane it is.
09:34:47 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Sweetwater depends on how low rated the mare is
09:34:03 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Maybe Bane is nice and pass on creme?
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