Skye's Paradise
06:35:27 Just call me Pickle
Considering he's only won 3600 in 15 years I'd FR him and buy a newbie
Cross Canter
06:30:14 Eq 2.0
I meant the fact that his strength is 2 levels below heart and speed
Abstract Dunes
06:23:33 Abs
At his age, I'd just continue showing him in CC until he passes.
Abstract Dunes
06:23:05 Abs
Eq - He's training that way because he is only training in CC.
Blood Bay Rescue
06:16:30 BB, Blood Bay,
Anybody want to do a

Hogwarts RP
WolfxDog RP
Stray Dog RP
Stray Cat RP
Wolf x Sled Dog RP
Scientist x Subject RP
Race Horse RP
Dragon RP
Lion RP
K9 Unit RP

Please PM Me :)
Cross Canter
06:15:55 Eq 2.0
Would y'all keep a gelding that's training this unevenly? -HEE Click-
*Stable of Jewels*
06:10:19 Jewel🍄
*reads chat* I’m so confused haha .
Howdy folks 😋
06:05:58 Legion
If they're super weak. It doesn't happen very often
Mysterious oak ranch
06:05:51 ⁇ Mystery WBs
magic eury duh
06:05:26 Legion
...I'm honestly baffled on how I was supposed to know that when you were posting the foal and made no mention of the dam.
Cross Canter
06:05:23 Eq 2.0
Wait wild horses can LOSE a bar on their first week of training?
Golden Meadows
06:05:22 Husky, GM, Ghost
ASA :c

Oh well :P
Oak Leaf Riding
Just Bred this cutie!
-HEE Click-
Golden Meadows
06:04:50 Husky, GM, Ghost
She is a wild :P
06:04:24 Legion
And the going down a bar only holds true for wilds
Golden Meadows
06:04:22 Husky, GM, Ghost
The dam Eury xD
06:04:09 Legion
She hasn't been trained?
HillCrest Stables
06:03:42 Roan Addict
-HEE Click- Sabino Boy
Mysterious oak ranch
06:03:40 ⁇ Mystery WBs
I have never heard of that...
Golden Meadows
06:03:21 Husky, GM, Ghost
If they are weak a stat will go down a bar.

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Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?

PEE PON Super Shiny Filly June 19, 2019 04:51 PM

Golden Meadows
Posts: 2154

- 1 of 50
- Mare
- Okay training for a PON

- Also PEE
- Somewhat shiny
- Average training for a PON

- PEE again lol
- Shiny disco ball XD
- Her first foal was PEE and a chimmy :D

Sale and brood fees for all?

Edited at June 19, 2019 04:51 PM by Golden Meadows
PEE PON Super Shiny Filly June 19, 2019 06:25 PM
Peace Coast Estate
Posts: 879
I am not really sure but sale maybe 100k+ and brood maybe 40k?
PEE PON Super Shiny Filly June 19, 2019 06:32 PM
Pyramid Equestrian
Posts: 612
PEE PON mares (not on LB) normally go somewhere in the range of 80-100k for sale and 20ish k for brood
PEE PON Super Shiny Filly June 19, 2019 07:34 PM

Amera Eventing
Posts: 3090

Pyramid Equestrian said:
PEE PON mares (not on LB) normally go somewhere in the range of 80-100k for sale and 20ish k for brood


Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?

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