Am I able to sell them to other players for game currency?
Ranch Lands Training
12:46:24 Lilly/PON Addict
I find a lot of people look down on gymkhanas because they think it does not take alot of training. You just gotta run fast and turn and then you win. I have spent over a year teaching my girl barrel racing and it super technical.
The Black Watch
12:46:02 Rorhi Tarnation
*tell them
HLS Mustang Ranch
12:45:54 Spirit
You can but you need to pay real money for them.
12:45:51 Legion
Being thrown into a horse sounds painful
The Black Watch
12:45:44 Rorhi Tarnation
Tell, that's the point, they train hard to make it look easy.
HLS Mustang Ranch
12:45:17 Spirit
You know what I do? I throw them in a horse and say, "Prove it"
is it possible to sell rerolls?
12:43:58 Sav
I feel that Wings, i'm going to work on running barrels today and whenever I mention it I get "You just turn the horse"
HLS Mustang Ranch
12:43:07 Spirit
Rerolls are for if you want a different pattern on your foal I believe...
Wings Of Glory
12:42:50 O Great Potato Wing
my boyfriend has never ridden and we were watching jumping and he said that looks easy i could do that and i was like adam you will die
what are rerolls?
12:39:23 Sav
I have fingers crossed he hits top 5 ABLB, it's been a while since an ISH has been that high
12:37:34 puck
12:37:28 puck
Lots of work sixes going on hmm
12:36:47 Sav
-HEE Click-
12:36:04 Fancy
If anyone would like to do a western X english rp please pm me. :)
12:34:42 Emo Dad
- peers around corner-
12:34:17 Sav
Someone needs to keep me away from the brood auctions before I get myself in trouble
Hardwicke House
12:33:26 Phan/Park Jimin
Oh yikes yeah. I'm sure they'll be looking for staff right now though. Oops gotta poof its dinner time.
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