~ Hades ~
04:14:15 Queen Of Fpoons
I bet theres friends of yours he dont like. Its commonplace in a relationship, even marriage
Hedges Home Stables
04:14:05 crazy girl
But I know it sucks. Wish we lived closer we could have a girls camping trip and the hubbys be danged ;)
MakeEm Fancy
04:12:47 Ally 🌺
Honestly i love him too death but he does act like one sometimes. He says he does but sometimes he doesnt act like that :/ I wish he didnt have bad friends it would make life easier @hedges
Hedges Home Stables
04:09:11 crazy girl
Is he 2? He should care about you more than them, but I understand about the bad friends thing. My hubby has those too
Graces Eventing Pons
04:07:58 graces 3rd acc
-HEE Click- :)
Phan Phavorites
04:07:47 Phan
oh lordy :/ That sucks I'm sorry.
MakeEm Fancy
04:07:30 Ally 🌺
Thats the thing if i say anything about him not going and spending time as a family it starts a fight. He starts saying that i dont let him do anything and that he isnt his own person anymore. It happens every time. @hedge
MakeEm Fancy
04:05:18 Ally 🌺
Thank you 🥺 @lady
Hedges Home Stables
04:04:38 crazy girl
I think you and he should go somewhere together and forget the so called friend
MakeEm Fancy
04:04:37 Ally 🌺
Husband doesnt have the best choice of friends sadly. The majority of them are druggies and dont like me because i dont want the drugs around my family @phan
Ladybird Estate
04:04:31 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
I have a great idea but it's a secret for now :3 you'll love it
Phan Phavorites
04:03:47 Phan
Did they say why?
MakeEm Fancy
04:03:16 Ally 🌺
No he is upset too but he still wants to go @hedge

Very rude. I honestly would like that lol @lady
Phan Phavorites
04:02:10 Phan
Ally what a lovely friend -_- the heck
Ladybird Estate
04:02:06 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Wow that's rude >~>
We can have a HEE camping trip :) tell some spooky ghost stories
04:01:35 Madsie // 🥝
Oh my god! My show horses made 10,000! Normally I get about 2k!!! Thanks to Shiv for the tips about higher trained horses :)
Hedges Home Stables
04:01:25 crazy girl
Ally, is your husband ok with this?
Phan Phavorites
04:01:08 Phan
Many professional riders don't get to that level or well known until their 30s or 40s. Sure it helps if you've been riding a long time, but anyone can start at any age and still make it to a world stage.
MakeEm Fancy
04:00:07 Ally 🌺
The hubby and I had a camping trip planned out with one of his friends and his girlfriend and last minute his friend decides that he doesnt want me to go :/ So now they have a whole camping trip planned out and im excluded from it. @ladybird
Ladybird Estate
03:57:13 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Upset? Why? has anything happened?
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