Golden Creek Stud
08:46:30 S l i v e r
not a problem at all!!!
08:45:30 fingwrs arw stick
Well, I've got to go, thanks for the enthusiastic welcome xD
Hell Raised Arabians
08:44:44 It's me.. Hades
The stalker has become the stalked >:-)
08:44:42 Del Rey/ Veggie Burg
-HEE Click- And he still kept his 1/1 rarity 😌
08:44:30 fingwrs arw stick
Awh :3
Weeping Willow Ranch
08:43:20 Stalker of Chat
Thats my favorite frame variation
Weeping Willow Ranch
08:43:00 Stalker of Chat
Ok I need that exact coat on a WWW AA stud xD
Golden Cackle
-HEE Click-

Low rating so may breed her and give her to a friend or breed train and sell but I love her. 1/45.
08:40:16 Katsuki Bakugo
-HEE Click-
>_> not as pretty as i hoped...
Golden Creek Stud
08:39:23 S l i v e r
yes! Licky is on!! That made my day and the fact someone thinks my artwork is and i quote"Pretty"!!
Bioshock Manor
08:39:10 Storm
A futon Is a couch that folds out into a bed
River Bend Stables
08:38:37 River
They look so darn Cranky
Starlit Stables
08:38:28 Cries in a cool way
Any good news to make someone's day better?
08:37:30 Katsuki Bakugo
im gonna admit Knabstrupper is my new fave breed
Golden Creek Stud
08:36:55 S l i v e r
sorry my cpmuter is being a butt
Golden Creek Stud
08:36:28 S l i v e r
i saw you where on and ligit flipped.
08:36:00 Katsuki Bakugo
whats a futon?
08:35:23 fingwrs arw stick
Bioshock Manor
08:34:34 Storm
I want to curl up in a comfy bed. Futons are not comfy :(
Golden Creek Stud
08:34:09 S l i v e r
i saw you where on and ligit flipped.
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