Timber Canyon
09:22:13 Timbie
Yeah it was definitely a mood dampener
Nueve de Cassa
09:21:29 Just Cassa :)
Ugh that would be the worst.
Vixen Creek
09:21:12 Vixie
I'm liking Luxiannas stuff and they're tier 3
Timber Canyon
09:20:50 Timbie
Same. I just lost all motivation, plus was tired of dealing with busting my ass on a piece only for it to be replaced a week later
Nueve de Cassa
09:20:27 Just Cassa :)
Auctions are the best
Nueve de Cassa
09:20:04 Just Cassa :)
I get burnt out really fast, but I do that in real life as well lol
Dark oak forests
I am going t partly skip R this month just to get some tier 1 art lol
09:19:46 puck
I just keep an eye on the auctions, if something is pretty I don't care what tier it's from
Keyhole Stable
09:19:33 Jam
I think I'll go with Nyxs, the art is beautiful
Nueve de Cassa
09:19:23 Just Cassa :)
I'm waiting for my tablet to come in to finish my current piece
Timber Canyon
09:19:21 Timbie
Meh the problem a lot of artists on HEE have is that they get super burnt out really fast
Dark oak forests
I just realised this is my side account
Vixen Creek
09:19:10 Vixie
True Timbie
Nueve de Cassa
09:18:47 Just Cassa :)
CC Graphix is amazing
Dark oak forests
I have tried to get a slot for my birthday in tier two in November hopefully It's free though surely it will be HEE needs more tier two and one artist XD
Nueve de Cassa
09:18:19 Just Cassa :)
Or don't worry about tier and just find a style you like
Timber Canyon
09:17:29 Timbie
Nonsense. You should see my first pieces to my last. Practice is key, you will make money regardless
Hell Raised Arabians
09:17:25 It's me.. Hades
And then there's Wings Of Glory
Weeping Willow Ranch
09:16:54 Stalker of Chat
Im not good enough to make money off mine lmao
Darley Heights
09:16:48 Deelad
Did anyone mention Phoenix Rising Ranch? They produce some really beautiful art.
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