CC Mustangs
09:27:46 CC, Cici, Soggy
I was wondering, is Eve still working on DT too?
McSmith Ranch
09:27:16 Mac | Thing 2
Draconis Theory
Double C Stables
09:27:06 DC :D
thanks mac =]
Dark Walkers
09:27:00 Onyx
DT? I don't recognize that one.
Silver Shadows
09:26:50 SS/ Shado/ Silver
It's because it ended during the time the server was down. It's already been posted in the bugs section of the forum :)
McSmith Ranch
09:26:44 Mac | Thing 2
On the palette page at the bottom
Al Khamsa
09:26:32 Khamma Main Account
DT was down, too
Dark Walkers
09:26:11 Onyx
Finally! My game is back up ^^ Why we're both WP and HEE down?
Double C Stables
09:26:09 DC :D
is there a setting to see pallettes?
McSmith Ranch
09:26:08 Mac | Thing 2
It's been posted in bugs.
Al Khamsa
09:25:50 Khamma Main Account
Whoa, my auction is now reading weird.
It will finish in: -1d 23h 35m
Is this a bug?
CC Mustangs
09:25:42 CC, Cici, Soggy
What ones do you guys like?

-HEE Click-
Your ugly Jumper
09:24:48 I Love foooooooood:D
yay rain
ohh Mac :D
McSmith Ranch
09:24:00 Mac | Thing 2
WP is usually more stable for some reason.
Ranch Lands Training
09:23:59 Lilly/PON Addict
Marry is super dehydrated and extremely skinny. We are at the vet right now trying to figure out what is wrong.
Raindrop Ridge
09:23:48 Four
I will officially be Premium once the person I bought from gets me the upgrade!!
Your ugly Jumper
09:23:31 I Love foooooooood:D
not for mw i could get onto WP
Montova Acres
09:22:07 Mon
All of the games were down
Your ugly Jumper
09:21:50 I Love foooooooood:D
yes i know i only just got back now
Ranch Lands Training
09:20:03 Lilly/PON Addict
We found Mary and Rocket. Yes I know I posted this earlier but my internet cut out and then I had to go to the vet
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