Llama Queen
08:04:49 Working Joe Llama
Shiney AND training like a rock star :D -HEE Click-
08:03:47 Medi
The ABLB. Unless you're breeding a specific breed.
Moonlight Stud
08:03:42 Lee
You usually want studs from the ABLB.
Llama Queen
08:03:28 Working Joe Llama
Either the ABLB or your breeds LB
08:02:56 Luna's Lily
As far as breeding for ratings goes, what's the best lb to get a stud from?
Moonlight Stud
08:00:55 Lee
Yes well, breeding AD mares can be depressing. :'D
Moonlight Stud
07:59:29 Lee
Wonderful. :D
Llama Queen
07:59:22 Working Joe Llama
I'm enjoying that part of it more than the breeding :D
Llama Queen
07:58:25 Working Joe Llama
Very good :D Bought a few more stallions for peeps and bought a colt who just went up 4/6 on week 4 :D
Moonlight Stud
07:57:42 Lee
How's it going with AtS HG?
Llama Queen
07:56:56 Working Joe Llama
gotcha. Well good luck with it. I hate dealing with insurance companies lol
Moonlight Stud
07:56:37 Lee
Who were you sending to Iggy again? I forgot xD
07:56:21 Ren
I called insurance and they said the same. I'm heading up there as soon as the manager gets in.
Morning Glory Farms
07:56:16 Tericipatrivia/MGF
I just accidentally reassigned a FED horse without paying attention 😭😭😭
07:56:06 Maine
I think what people are referring to is mostly the insurance portion. To file a claim with your insurance as an auto accident, you need pictures and proof of what happened.
Llama Queen
07:55:48 Working Joe Llama
I may actually match some horses on AtS if I have time this week lol
Llama Queen
07:55:28 Working Joe Llama
You will probably have to get the footage submitted to either the police or the insurance company if it works like it does here. But I totally understand the anxiety part!
07:55:00 Ren
There was no hit or run portion of it
Oh so exciting!!

Yeahhh I'm gonna have to wake up at the ass crack of RO to try catch an Iggy breeding too. Ugh
07:54:29 Ren
They both left mutually. They both thought it was minor, but my husband has this problem when he gets stressed he agrees with almost anything.
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