Bowdrie Ranch
10:21:59 Bowdrie/BR
I'm hoping that he trains decently though, I really like his patterns
-HEE Click-
Bowdrie Ranch
10:21:14 Bowdrie/BR
My PONs are being overrun with my Z lines... x)
Lucky Ranch
10:18:01 Licky 🍇
-HEE Click-
Moonrose Mountains
10:17:38 Diva
And buffalo bbq steaks at night
Moonrose Mountains
10:17:17 Diva
Tomorrow we are going on a trip to feed monkeys in forest, yup monkeys 😂
-HEE Click- please vote
Wild Winnie Stables
Moonrose Mountains
10:08:42 Diva
The city
Moonrose Mountains
10:06:14 Diva
Here they roam freely, I'm located at foothill of Himalayas, animals roam freely on hills and mountains for fresh grass
Lucky Ranch
10:04:21 Licky 🍇
-HEE Click-
Vote please :D
Jericho Stables
I knew it wasn't the US. If someone let their animals loose in the US, especially a camel lol, the animal owner would be arrested for animal cruelty or something lol
I live in NC but we are in the middle of a move to SC
Moonrose Mountains
10:01:27 Diva
Well I'm stuck in Pakistan for the time being cause of covid
Lucky Ranch
10:01:04 Licky 🍇
Oh gosh LOL
Purple Pegasus Farm
10:00:53 Graceful
Can only imagine how my neighbors would react to something like that lol.
10:00:39 Sav
My dog wants to be a farm dog at this rate, he just brought in a dead baby bird and I had to chase him around the table to get it 🤢
09:59:47 Tangle || Rebel Fork
As in country, I mean xD
09:59:25 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking? :)
Skye's Paradise
09:59:18 Pickle
Ah okay Moon.
Moonrose Mountains
09:59:02 Diva
Yup that's the idea, theres also someone that does go around looking for their pets just in case
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