Hell Raised Arabians
09:36:53 It's me.. Hades
How many is so many?
Keyhole Stable
09:36:24 Jam
Tips on making a brand?
Silver Isle Eventing
09:36:13 Silver
Holy cow! Why do I have so many store credits?
kiwi Mountains
09:34:29 aurora
I feel like because I am still so young (16) That I don't have very good art skills XP
09:33:16 Legion
I wish I could do the background for my stable set as a premade because it came out beautifully, but the sky stock provider doesn't allow it.
09:32:27 Maggie
-HEE Click-

Is he worth keeping as a stallion? Or geld him. He is showing decently I *think*.
Weeping Willow Ranch
09:32:13 Stalker of Chat
This is my favorite that ive done
Weeping Willow Ranch
09:30:19 Stalker of Chat
Im only good for traditional art. And thats sometimes
kiwi Mountains
09:29:59 aurora
I might actually try line art it's not something I have ever done
Hell Raised Arabians
09:29:42 It's me.. Hades
It's pretty basic, and there's no detail, but I love it
kiwi Mountains
09:29:17 aurora
@Dulcie not as much as ditigal but there are still many on HEE that would prefer original art rather than digital manips or drawings
09:28:45 Legion
No, I mean /making/ premade stock backgrounds.
Vixen Creek
09:28:19 Vixie
I'm sure there is someone that would like that Dulcie :)
Hell Raised Arabians
09:28:00 It's me.. Hades
I made my own lineart :)
kiwi Mountains
09:27:45 aurora
@Leigion yeah same like this one here lol
-Click- I lost so much motivation I used a pre-made
Footloose & Fancy
09:27:36 Dulcie
Can I do hand drawn art with like pencils & such? Would people be interested?
09:27:01 Disk Jockey
I made a hooster that made people laugh but it's not actually a *good* piece
Vixen Creek
09:26:57 Vixie
Cassa it's weird but every time i make art, on procreate it always says 5 hours lol.
09:26:22 Disk Jockey
I haven't done much beyond linearts lately
kiwi Mountains
09:26:11 aurora
I just have no motivation at the moment I get to the I get to blending :/
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