08:14:16 desert
Lol so I just rated a beautiful prl KNN WC bravery boy. But shall we take bets now on how hard he'll tank since his mom is a freaking P? RF is wild 😂 -HEE Click-
08:09:04 Legion
Yeah, I kinda need my cell phone since I don't have a land line.
08:07:17 Breezie Incognito
-HEE Click-

This was a lovely surprise :3
08:06:04 Golden
Hey guys!
08:03:17 puck
I wish I could go without mine but i'm so paranoid that something will happen to my horses and my trainer won't be able to reach me x.x
Bioshock Manor
07:59:26 Storm
I went three weeks without my phone. Honestly didn't even care haha. Dad was rather worried when I wasn't home,but he knew to find me at the barn or hiking XD
Pineapple Acres
07:59:24 Emmaline
Ok thank you guys!
07:58:58 fingwrs arw stick
07:58:28 puck
one day without a phone isnt that bad
Shredded Pencil
07:58:26 Maybe Cain? Hmmmm...
Ocean River Stables
07:53:16 Ocean, Dawn, Aero
sorry about double
Ocean River Stables
07:52:57 Ocean, Dawn, Aero
I just asked, but they said that they are not driving back there. So they said I am just going to have to wait until Friday.
Jellos Warmbloods
07:52:17 Giggles Wubs
Thats not bad at all.
Ocean River Stables
07:51:47 Ocean, Dawn, Aero
It takes about an hour round trip. half an hour there and half an hour back, all depends on the traffic
Jellos Warmbloods
07:51:31 Giggles Wubs
Are you not old enough for a license yet?
Can you have a parent/friend take you?
Pineapple Acres
07:51:15 Emmaline
So I want to try to draw my own stable set, but would I have to credit the app I use or no?
Ocean River Stables
07:51:06 Ocean, Dawn, Aero
I live in a different state than my barn. I live in NH and my barn is in Vt
Ocean River Stables
07:50:38 Ocean, Dawn, Aero
I can not drive. That is my issue. I can not start driving until this winter and i can not get my license until June
Jellos Warmbloods
07:50:24 Giggles Wubs
Agree. Are you not able to run back and get it?
Bioshock Manor
07:49:18 Storm
I'd be going to get it then
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