Misty Streams
06:16:04 Misty
Lmao I was going to do this before I saw how weak she takes really was in it 😂 I might need a spd glass, but I'm at 50k 🤦

-HEE Click-
Moonpaw Manor
06:15:23 Wubs Have Paws
She might have gotten lazy from the good treatment
Tamarack Mountain
06:14:36 Opal
funny because in real life quarters are known for their speed lol
Moonpaw Manor
06:13:57 Wubs Have Paws
You need a great speedy stud, like rocket type lol
Misty Streams
06:12:25 Misty
Shit. Her strength weakness is getting a bit extreme lmao

-HEE Click-
Moonpaw Manor
06:11:16 Wubs Have Paws
Starflight stables
06:10:27 Universal truth
Oh my god! Number Of Horses Sold: 6
Amound Of Eden Bucks Earnd: 10600
Starflight stables
06:10:02 Universal truth
Hi Diva!
Moonrose Mountains
05:34:03 Diva
It's sole purpose is to teach the non English natives the right way of speech and grammar. Take a pride in it, you're helping someone
Moonrose Mountains
05:31:27 Diva
Tina please be aware of not using chatspeak, this isn't the 1st time anymore
05:29:16 Tina
05:29:02 Tina
Thanks tho:)
05:28:38 Tina
I can't see it Val.
04:50:10 Val
For anyone up and bored :) JM:
All Breeds
04:09:26 Fawn
Have fun at work!
All Breeds
04:08:57 Fawn
At the midway point, Cedar Falls, they have homemade bean soup, cornbread, and hot chocolate for anyone there with no limits as to how you can get. They also have a busing system in place for people that only want to go to Cedar and they'll take you back to Old Man's where your parked at
Llama Queen
04:08:42 The Hag of HEE
time to get ready for work darnit :D

Have a good day everyone
Llama Queen
04:07:41 The Hag of HEE
Might be a 5 day weekend thing to do this winter... Though it's almost 8 hours down there for me.. lol
All Breeds
04:06:28 Fawn
I highly recommend going on the winter hike. It's starts at Old Man's then goes to Cedar and, if your brave enough to do it, finishes at Ash Cave. It's a long ass hike but a lot of fun given it's not usually that cold for it
Llama Queen
04:06:26 The Hag of HEE
Plus, I really want to take a week through Pennsylvania. That was supposed to be this year, but Covid..
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