Sunstone Elite
09:58:52 Sun/Sunny
:( The one breed I can't use, and it's Ch *cries*

Huge congrats though, I hope he's good <3
~Skye Acres~
09:58:47 Skye
:O nice Jeri!
~Skye Acres~
09:58:23 Skye
Lol Sav I'm the same way. So many EE black and smokey black.
I'm even happy now with a smokey creme or max white homo sabino, only because it covers/dilutes most of the black xD
Jericho Stables
-HEE Click-

Sun, I gots a sexy pony.
Ranch Lands Training
09:57:46 Lilly/PON Addict
That's the best sound Jo
Sunstone Elite
09:57:23 Sun/Sunny
Wait what did I miss D:
Shadow Woods
09:57:09 Shadow
~Skye Acres~
09:56:10 Skye
Pretty Hightide!
09:55:56 Sav
Frankly I’m just happy with anything slightly different, so many bays and (silver) blacks 😂
~Skye Acres~
09:55:33 Skye
Since prl is only visible on a horse's coat if creme is present or if the horse is apricot. So it doesnt matter what Agouti the horse has, only that it has creme +prl
~Skye Acres~
09:54:29 Skye
Sav, either some smokey black (EE/Ee aa +creme) or buckskin/palomino!
Hightide Hollow
Hope this link works but check out my new horse! So excited about him -Click-
Running R Ranch
09:51:13 RRR (Jo)
I turned London and Libby out in the 10 acre pasture for the first time since this spring (finally got the fence fixed) and I can hear them galloping around xD
09:50:34 Sav
Thank you Jeri, looks like I need to strive towards a good old ee AAr it something
Jericho Stables
ee = chestnut
Ee = Black
Ee Aa = Bay
Ee Ata = Brown
Ee AAt = Homozygous bay, "hiding" brown

Agouti needs Extension to effect the coat. Agouti restricts black to the points of the horse. Pulling black from the entire body to just the points.
Jericho Stables
Thanks folks! <3
09:45:44 Sav
That and more creme/pearl in my lines. I just dont understand how the Aa gene and extension work so I can’t get them to show
Raindrop Ridge
09:45:06 Four
Congrats Jeri! Lovin' the stable page. Your horses are so pretty. :)
WhizBar Eventing
09:43:42 Toto
Jeri, I adore the new stable page <3
09:43:34 puck
-HEE Click-

oooh jeri congrats!
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