Star Catcher Estate
04:04:15 Mother of Amoebas
Do sports bras count? Or just underwire? lol
Diamond T
04:04:06 Diabu
They are Jeri, they are...
California Valley
04:03:50 Cali | Kale
Same here Fleur xD
Guys my horse badly fractured his leg today in a freak accident 😭
Star Catcher Estate
04:03:37 Mother of Amoebas
*looks down*
Guess I'm a quitter then Jeri xD
04:03:29 Legion
OU Medical in OKC has set up a special facility for covid patients. So, things are getting concerning.
Moonglade Manor
04:03:23 Ella soupington
Lol I guess that's a valid answer
Jericho Stables
Bras are for quitters
Sunstone Elite
04:03:15 Sun/Sunny
I'm so happy you're back :D
California Valley
04:03:14 Cali | Kale
Last month I didn't have any training to worry about. Now I have to hope this EWE filly trains well >.<
Wanderlusts Dream
04:03:03 Wander / WD
I'm always in sweats these days
Diamond T
04:02:57 Diabu
Same here Cascadia
Abstract Dunes
04:02:49 Abs
I'm at home LOL
04:02:34 PNW
My local hospital cancelled all elective surgeries and discharged everyone who could safely be cared for at home. Those empty beds are already filling up with COVID-19 patients and more are expected.
Andraste Equine
04:02:33 Arvy
Hi Sunny :)
Sunstone Elite
04:02:09 Sun/Sunny
:o Toast?
Moonglade Manor
04:01:41 Ella soupington
Lmao abs. Where are you?
Andraste Equine
04:01:35 Arvy
I haven't worn one in two weeks... oopsies
Wanderlusts Dream
04:01:31 Wander / WD
Yess spring break next week
Queens WBs
04:01:24 Queenie
One more year and I can finally breed my boy <3
-HEE Click-
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