Moon Shadow Ranch
03:05:01 BTS | Moon
Because Timber Canyon's username is Cappucino.
Arcturus Centre
03:04:56 Prezi
this is my hubby's dog jake :-3
03:04:51 Def not Timbie
I loveeee doing sabino patterns. I need to get my butt in gear, been slacking the last few days.
Hemlock Farms
03:04:36 Still Hem
Naughty Thor LOL
Serenity Studios
03:04:34 las papas fritas
Cappunico XD
03:04:33 Ota ⛈
How long does it take for premium to go to an account?
03:04:31 Def not Timbie
Rigby is the best, I love her
03:04:10 Def not Timbie
I have no idea what you're talking about
Hemlock Farms
03:04:05 Still Hem
100%. Her independent nature is seriously being tested. But she's a sweetheart and very patient.
Stormsong Manor
03:04:00 Ven
Thor got out of our fenced backyard and ended up in a neighbor's fenced backyard earlier. Still trying to figure that one out
Wanderlusts Dream
03:04:00 Wander / WD
I need some Timbie art soon for this gal <3

-HEE Click-
Moon Shadow Ranch
03:03:54 BTS | Moon
Wait is Cappunico Timber?
03:03:36 Def not Timbie
Rigby looks so indifferent, like she's trying to ignore her
Sweet Dreams Farms
03:03:26 SDF/ Sunni
Ven who are you talking to
Jasmine Fields
03:03:25 Breeze / Jazzy
-HEE Click-

Surprised as hell still
Star Catcher Estate
03:03:20 Mother of Amoebas
It's true! <3
03:03:09 Def not Timbie
I'm flattered, thank you so much
Hemlock Farms
03:03:06 Still Hem
Anything she does... Evie is right there with her.
03:02:57 Def not Timbie
Yeah, simple avis are nice. I tend to do real over-complicated ones, but simplicity is good
Cassa Belle
03:02:55 thecatthatgoesbark
-HEE Click-

So proud of her!
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