Cadence Farms
09:00:41 evebot
Come to Trivia!

09:00:00 puck
Oof sirens sound creepy.
River Bend Stables
08:59:42 River
It's Freaky How Crazy The Weather is here in Minnesota
Mother Nature can be a B***
Riptide Roans
08:57:56 *Pokes Eyeballs*
Any ideas for art?
08:56:26 Gala
Eury that would make sense. In Michigan we a see a little of everything outside of hurricanes, when it's not 7 months a year we hide from snow lol.
Cadence Farms
08:55:58 evebot
They are doing sirens here right now.
New Eagle Equine
08:55:20 Eagle 🎨
They never test the sirens here. Which I find odd since were in Texas.
Libbygray Mares
we dont have those kinds of sirens here in australia
Cadence Farms
08:55:07 evebot
All kinds of prizes!!
The Joker
08:55:06 Knight of Ootensils
Hang in there!
Cadence Farms
08:54:56 evebot
Time for Trivia!

New Eagle Equine
08:54:37 Eagle 🎨
Haha Joker! Exactly how I feel!
08:54:05 Legion
OKC tested their's at noon, every Saturday unless it was cloudy
New Eagle Equine
08:53:59 Eagle 🎨
I'm not a huge fan on lemon. But I do like lemonade.
The Joker
08:53:51 Knight of Ootensils
Omg that sucks! all I can think of is this vine
Libbygray Mares
ooft i feel you
08:53:04 Gala
They test our alarm systems locally the first Saturday of every month at 1pm. I always forget and have to check the date lol.
New Eagle Equine
08:51:05 Eagle 🎨
Oh. And my phone charger broke. Tonight's going well.
Freedom Elites
08:50:59 Freedom
Anything lemon sounds horrible right now. I feel horrible right now >_< literally had maybe two bites. Never really liked lemon squares anyway but my mom texted me asking if I had ate any and I said yeah. Felt guilty and decided to have a little. Regret it now.
New Eagle Equine
08:50:20 Eagle 🎨
I live in Texas and have only heard the sirens once. And nothing even happened. It was kinda scary though. I didn't even know we had sirens 0.0
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