Your sooo lucky!!!
Darham Acres
08:17:28 Carra / SH
I've owned three horses.
Don't have enought time
Lone oak estate
@ Spotlight
My family owns 11 in total.
Equine Angel Estates
08:16:43 Cool Beans :P
Gotcha i found 3 places all within a half hour or less from me.. Ive missed being around horses so much.. Ive probably forgotten a lot.
I don't
Lore Riding Academy
-HEE Click-
First Roleplay In Have made on HEE.
Does anyone own a horse???
Darham Acres
08:15:27 Carra / SH
I've been an eventer and hunter jumper for like...15 years?
Wraithcry Farm
08:15:13 Crazy Cat Lady
I am going to do endurance once I find the right horse to do it with lol.
Equine Angel Estates
08:14:58 Cool Beans :P
Thanks White I appreciate that.
Wraithcry Farm
08:14:28 Crazy Cat Lady
I have been around horses for a long time. But only doing formal lessons for the past year and a half. So I am still considered beginner to my instructor.
Darham Acres
08:14:22 Carra / SH
I would definitely tour a few stables and talk with different trainers before you make a decision to begin riding at a certain barn. Private lessons would be best for you as you are attempting to get back into riding and learn a new discipline.
I ride jumping, dressage and baroque
Equine Angel Estates
08:13:26 Cool Beans :P
And i would loveeeee to do jumping.. A huge passion for me.
Hayzed Pastures
Ive been riding for 15 years or more. And im still a beginner to an instructor because i dont know anything technical. I never had fancy show horses. Just your typical rodeo horse.
Equine Angel Estates
08:12:49 Cool Beans :P
I had lessons back when i was 12 or was western style. and private. and that only lasted a couple months. Parents thought it was pointless..
Anyways im 20 now and pay for it myself i was hoping to learn English and pursue that passion a little more..
Wraithcry Farm
08:12:46 Crazy Cat Lady
I prefer private. The instructor has 100% attention on you the entire time. The stable I am at now I am the only student so it is great lol
What do you ride?
Westeren? Jumping??
White Hills
08:11:39 WH or Hills
Two different places I found in Virginia to give you an idea of prices
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I am tired of showing. Two barns of higher level geldings for sale. All

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