equestriansenter 8
Lucky Ranch
09:25:30 Licky 🍇
Agh I want to get Disney+ but i dont have the money for a second subscription (already have Netflix)
Lotus Flower Estate
09:24:14 ᪥ Lotus
I still have yet to watch Hamilton on Disney+
Star Catcher Estate
09:23:53 Fleur|Amoeba Mom
also congrats Breezer!!
09:23:53 destiny
09:23:41 destiny
Uhhh 🙄 k
Star Catcher Estate
09:23:35 Fleur|Amoeba Mom
My sister is trying to sing Helpless from Hamilton, but she just keeps repeating "I do" over and over while I'm singing
Spirtasi Whims
09:22:42 Tasi / RIP Chat
Hey breeze you mind if I steal her for awhile lol
Aspen Fire ES
09:21:20 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
I'm doing alright, feeling sane and the family is still over with the little ones :3
Lotus Flower Estate
09:21:17 ᪥ Lotus
Nice capture Breezie!
Breezie Rose
09:20:52 Goat Mama
-HEE Click-
Y’all I still can’t believe this...
Sunset stables AV
Star Catcher Estate
09:19:49 Fleur|Amoeba Mom
Aspyyy <3
09:19:38 Tangle || Rebel Fork
I need that Aspy <3
How are ya? Family still over?
Castlewood Canyon
An occasional cuss word is okay, excessive foul mouth is not
Misty Streams
09:19:11 Misty
Happy Saturday Aspen <3 Anything good planned?
09:18:51 destiny
For you lol
Lotus Flower Estate
09:18:46 ᪥ Lotus
Happy Saturday 😂
Aspen Fire ES
09:18:34 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
Happy Saturday everyone
09:17:59 destiny
I was kidding about the tattle tail by the way
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