golden horse stables
01:08:32 horse girl
sorry for the loss land lovers joy
Ranch Lands Training
01:08:11 Lilly/PON Addict
Golden, I find it fun! All though it takes skill and training anybody can try it!
Manor, Gelding- Roses Thorn

Mare- Pennies Luck
pine hollow
01:08:07 i love horses
golden horse stables
01:08:04 horse girl
love the grey sky
pine hollow
01:07:55 i love horses
@ horse girl.
The horse was in the game and di ed
Trust, do you jump? I ride English to, and I live for the show jumping
Skylit Manor
01:07:28 Sky // Skylit // SM
new names?
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Trost District
I didn't plan to run Blossom this year, but her daughter had a surprise baby 2 weeks before the first event, so I had to grab Blossom really quick cause she was my only good choice for a substitute.
Ranch Lands Training
01:07:12 Lilly/PON Addict
Lol Trost! We use to be like that but now we are getting some muscle. It was the middle of winter and Jewel was a fuzz ball and I was wearing a winter jacket and it was the last class so I just held her back. I have pushed her a few times at home on our outside ring (it is huge) and I is so much fun.
golden horse stables
01:07:07 horse girl
i love greys nice horse red star
golden horse stables
01:06:26 horse girl
i do English so idk whats its like to barrel racing
Diamond Stables
01:06:12 Diamond
Red star
She’s adorable lol
golden horse stables
01:05:59 horse girl
is barrel racing fun
Trost District
Trost District
I think my faster barrel time on Blossom was an 18 on a pretty large pattern. That was around 2 years ago when she was only like 2 months pregnant. She's almost 5 months along right now.
golden horse stables
01:05:30 horse girl
i bred a sports horse like that very pretty
Red Star Equine
01:05:00 Red Star
-HEE Click-

I can't take my eyes of her... *-*
golden horse stables
01:04:59 horse girl
how did your horse die?
pine hollow
01:03:41 i love horses
In the game my horse just died and I want a picture how do I do that
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