Prismatic Equines
04:55:32 Tobi | Color
-HEE Click-
04:54:17 ♞ Tosk
Such a tease too. Yesterday i captured a WC dressage aa
Airstone Manor
04:45:23 Lee
Aw so close.

Geez, every time you sneeze? That's rough.
04:44:28 ♞ Tosk
Shame on you
-HEE Click-

Indeed Lee :C
Probably because it's been so hot the past days, as soon as i sneeze i get a nosebleed
Moonlight Stud
04:43:45 Lee
Nosebleeds are no fun D:
04:43:13 ♞ Tosk
Nosebleed #3 today. Yay
Madsie Manor
04:28:07 Madsie // 🥝
Whoops double post
Madsie Manor
04:27:43 Madsie // 🥝
Sono it’s a kiwi :) my friend licky dubbed me the kiwi of HEE
Why Not?
thanks tosk, yesterday i assumed it was my fault for being on a diff timezone and it hadnt refreshed but today it cant be since its been 48 hours
04:15:38 ♞ Tosk
-HEE Click-

Yep, there's a thread
Why Not?
um, is anyone else having a problem with horses being missed off of their lists for ride/round pens?
Moonlight Stud
04:14:05 Lee
Alrighty I'm going to find some breakfast. Later everyone <3
Madsie Manor
04:12:10 Madsie // 🥝
Lee that’s so nice :) if I had enough money i would do the same :)
04:12:08 ♞ Tosk
My captures, my broodies, and most importantly, my loooove
Looking Glass Stable
04:11:14 ♡BrittzBæ
Aww that's awesome though ♡ I'm sure people really appreciate that (:
Garner Stud
04:11:13 Soupy/Soup
Lee shares some with he :3
Ight everyone, good night!
04:10:52 ♞ Tosk
Lol Lee xD i share everything else x3
Moonlight Stud
04:10:11 Lee
xD So I like to spread my wealth a bit to others. Think of me as the eccentric multi millionaire xP
Oak Tree Stables
04:10:10 Bazz
I wish I was sitting at 14mil ha
Moonlight Stud
04:08:48 Lee
Mostly from owning so many TBLB/ABLB boys/girls. So I make a lot from broods and stud fees
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Warmblood EEE filly wanted! August 1, 2020 01:47 PM
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So, I don't have many ebs at the moment but I do have an EEE SH mare that is unbred that I am willing to trade in place for this filly. I ask that she's at the most 2 years old, EEE ratings, and that she's a colorful filly. I don't want any red or blue roans but I'll be fine with any other colored roans. Pm me if you have what I want and am willing to do a trade!

Forums > Horse Sales > Want Ads

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