Tranquility Meadows
link: sorry XD
-HEE Click-
Was trying for more apricots. XD Got one that way last time.
Tranquility Meadows
im still in love with this coat!
Tranquility Meadows
I was not expecting this :o
-HEE Click-
Tranquility Meadows
The Joker
01:33:09 Ari <3
I bought this foal purely because of how hilarious I found his colour dodging to be XD -HEE Click-
Tranquility Meadows
-HEE Click- What would he show best in?
Sterling Valley
01:09:38 Phoenix
Ah that repeated- sorry
Sterling Valley
01:09:26 Phoenix
Goodnight PK

I think the Arabians are most popular currently, I always see there breeders around
Sterling Valley
01:08:21 Phoenix
Goodnight PK

I think the Arabians are most popular currently, I always see there breeders around
Azrail Elites
01:06:37 Candi
Goodnight PK!
Heavy Hunters Estate
01:05:32 Hunter
-HEE Click- oof wish he rated batter tho
Van Der Linde Stable
01:04:53 Seven / Dutch
Good night PK!
Van Der Linde Stable
01:04:40 Seven / Dutch
I think SH but really not sure
PK Rescue Stable
01:04:26 Smeagol Twisted
I will so I will say goodbye to all now! G'nite!
Sterling Valley
01:04:01 Phoenix
What breed is like the most popular currently? What y’all think
Van Der Linde Stable
01:03:32 Seven / Dutch
Enjoy the rest of your ice-cream and get some sleep. I'll probably still be awake until 9am
PK Rescue Stable
01:02:10 Smeagol Twisted
almost done with ice cream lol! then bed ffor sure
Van Der Linde Stable
01:01:39 Seven / Dutch
Lol. Get some rest. You need it I'll be around
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ISHLB/Strong Broods May 1, 2022 12:03 PM

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Title says it all. Would love some new ISH blood. Will use top ABLB stud that matches and potentially items. Message me or post here. No budget.

Edited at May 3, 2022 12:36 AM by ~Savy~
ISHLB/Strong Broods May 14, 2022 01:17 PM

MakeEm Fancy
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I have this girl :) She is #24 ISHLB. Brood fee is 90k
Brood forum (she is on top) Requirements are Top 30 ABLB :)
ISHLB/Strong Broods May 14, 2022 02:51 PM

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I have a bunch of mares in the LB barn, not being used by me so feel free to take a look.
ISHLB/Strong Broods May 14, 2022 03:16 PM

Moonrose Magic
Game Moderator
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ABLB mare for consideration, no roan + splash
Shoot me an offer if interested, thanks!

Edited at May 14, 2022 03:19 PM by Moonrose Magic

Forums > Horse Sales > Want Ads

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