-HEE Click- My 1 of 3 chimera
Persephone Meadows
05:33:17 Persie
-HEE Click-
Chimmy that kinda looks like a tricolored paint, technically 4 colors counting the black mane and markings lol
Cascade Range Acres
So, I just found more evidence that I am a doofus. I have been waiting for over an hour for an extremely important phone call and I was starting to get anxious. I just checked my phone and realized I missed it fifteen minutes ago. I missed it because my phone was on "Do Not Disturb -- NO Exceptions". >_<

I have no one but myself to blame. :/
Dawn Creek Stables
On my other account, I have a 1/7 PON, but 1/1 Chimmy
Fire and Ice
1/1 chimera
-HEE Click-
Dawn Creek Stables
I was seriously dumbfounded when I went to look at him. I was like. Wait. Hol' up.
Cascade Range Acres
Chimmy's are so cool! I look forward to breeding one some day.
Fire and Ice
Thank you!
Dawn Creek Stables
-HEE Click- Can't forget this Chimmy, either
Fire and Ice
He is pretty Dawn
Cascade Range Acres
Evil in the Rose is really cool looking, Fire and Ice!
Dawn Creek Stables
-HEE Click- Still so glad I bred him
Kawasaki Equestrian
05:27:09 Baby Ninja
-HEE Click-
This is another example of a bold Chimera.
Cascade Range Acres
Aww! Thanks! I haven't rated her yet, but is there really a need. She's from my two starter horses, so I already know she's SSS. I don't care. I'm keeping her forever because I'm unlikely to ever have another that looks like her. :)
Fire and Ice
Bred this subtle Chimera the other day
-HEE Click-
05:25:46 Cy
Oh boy, I need to get premium to show off some Ven art, I got the avatar, just not the banner.
Kawasaki Equestrian
05:25:04 Baby Ninja
-HEE Click-
This is an example of obvious Chimera.
Dawn Creek Rescue
What does a gene test do?
Fire and Ice
She is gorgeous tho
05:22:35 Cy
She's beautiful, but not a chimera. the lace and sabino are a very nice combination, though.
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