07:32:19 Heyy it's Capp
I has been summoned.

How are you Tosk??
~ Hades ~
07:31:58 Kittack
Wait. Is phenergan just in Aus or is it everywhere
07:31:32 Tosk's RID
I see a Capps and a HG in the hiding
~ Hades ~
07:31:25 Kittack
It has so many uses though
Ha, that's actually what I have on hand too
~ Hades ~
07:24:07 Kittack
Ok. We have some phenergan. I'll go take one.
Arabian times
Yeah, don't have too many pain killers, thats not great. Like I said, migraine pads. Just not too strong ones though, they'll knock you out.
Maybe try an antihistamine? I get headache sometimes due to weather and air pressure and antihistamines/decongestants help
~ Hades ~
07:16:17 Kittack
Ok. I don't think I can have any more pain killers though as I've already had 4 today. And all for the same thing
Arabian times
Try migraine pads...They work, even if it's not a migraine lol.
~ Hades ~
07:12:59 Kittack
Moonland And Elites
07:12:49 M&E, Moo Land
Poor Hades >.<
~ Hades ~
07:12:39 Kittack
Ah man, my temples hurt big time.
No Risk Farm
07:12:17 Risk/ NRF
How is everyone?
Arabian times
I know! They're a little weird though...
Arabian times
Moonland And Elites
07:11:28 M&E, Moo Land
Arabian, Must hug!
No Risk Farm
07:11:16 Risk/ NRF
Hi guys!
~ Hades ~
07:10:45 Kittack
Ah man, my temples hurt big time.
Arabian times

Raccoon dog.
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