04:32:03 Jacob
Well im off gnight guys
Graces stable 2
04:27:54 grace
i agree @jacob
04:26:54 Jacob
If its toxic and not working then staying isnt likely the best thing for anyone. Including/especially your kid. Its better to be in a healthy environment with parents that love you but are sepoerate than to be in a toxic one with parents that end up hating each other.
MakeEm Fancy
04:26:30 Ally 🌺
Thank you @ladybird
Ladybird Estate
04:24:59 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
All I can say is that I hope it gets better and that you guys are able to better your relationship with him
04:23:39 Jacob
-HEE Click-
I cant believe my first EWE on this account is an appendix filly. After I've had such a hard time trying to rebuild them.
MakeEm Fancy
04:23:25 Ally 🌺
He isnt using. The last time he did was back in December and we had a long and i mean long talk about it. He has gone behind my back about it but we are together 24/7 so i know he hasnt since December. I get he is an adult but this is the only thing that i have told him i didnt want in my life or our daughters life. :/ he listens to wait i have to say he just doesnt get it i feel like. I love him but it honestly is turning toxic and im trying to fix it for our daughter and it just doesnt get resolved because all we do when we try to talk is fight @jacob
MakeEm Fancy
04:17:56 Ally 🌺
Thank you! I hope you have a good day @hedges

I know it just sucks. Im just at my breaking point. @ladybird
04:16:47 Jacob
You sure he isnt using? Honestly hes an adult hes going to make his choices and because your married youll have to deal with them or leave. If he usnt willing to listen to you what choice do you have. Staying somewhere toxic just leads to mistrust and resentment and an unhappy home.
MakeEm Fancy
04:15:58 Ally 🌺
That would be great @hedges

I actually dont have any friends. :/ not a single person to hang with or anything @hades
Hedges Home Stables
04:15:34 crazy girl
dang it, I have to go leave for work. Please keep your chin up and have a great day Ally
Ladybird Estate
04:15:16 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
There are many things that would make life easier, I'm afraid.But life is a heap of upset, anger and hurt with some breaks for the good stuff
~ Hades ~
04:14:15 Queen Of Fpoons
I bet theres friends of yours he dont like. Its commonplace in a relationship, even marriage
Hedges Home Stables
04:14:05 crazy girl
But I know it sucks. Wish we lived closer we could have a girls camping trip and the hubbys be danged ;)
MakeEm Fancy
04:12:47 Ally 🌺
Honestly i love him too death but he does act like one sometimes. He says he does but sometimes he doesnt act like that :/ I wish he didnt have bad friends it would make life easier @hedges
Hedges Home Stables
04:09:11 crazy girl
Is he 2? He should care about you more than them, but I understand about the bad friends thing. My hubby has those too
Graces Eventing Pons
04:07:58 graces 3rd acc
-HEE Click- :)
Phan Phavorites
04:07:47 Phan
oh lordy :/ That sucks I'm sorry.
MakeEm Fancy
04:07:30 Ally 🌺
Thats the thing if i say anything about him not going and spending time as a family it starts a fight. He starts saying that i dont let him do anything and that he isnt his own person anymore. It happens every time. @hedge
MakeEm Fancy
04:05:18 Ally 🌺
Thank you 🥺 @lady
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