Elites Horse Ranch
06:29:54 Elite
Sumer, i LOVE that stable banner!
06:29:52 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Ouff, I need art but I need to be good and save for RO
Elites Horse Ranch
06:29:22 Elite
06:29:07 Val
Sunstone Elite
06:28:21 Sun/Sunny
Put that in sales chat then 🤦🏻‍♀️
The people who follow the rules DO care and so do the mods.
Elites Horse Ranch
06:28:02 Elite
Sales chat
Harvest Hills
She isn't really worth it, but her stunning coat is, but maybe I will sell, who knows.
How much will you make an offer? I know this isn't the sales chat BUT who cares
Elites Horse Ranch
06:26:55 Elite
AsubA, Not really worth keeping
Elites Horse Ranch
06:26:31 Elite
Harvest Hills
Oh jeez. there horrible. but...she's still pretty, so keeping her either way T_T
Elites Horse Ranch
06:25:19 Elite
Get it over and done with, So you can start the grieving process XD
Harvest Hills
Ok, deep breaths, lets see her ratings..
Harvest Hills
I'm afraid to now xD
Elites Horse Ranch
06:24:31 Elite
Yea she's a stunner but what's her rating XD
Harvest Hills
-HEE Click-

try this? :)
Harvest Hills
-HEE Click-

try this? :)
Elites Horse Ranch
06:22:49 Elite
Harvest, Broken link
Elites Horse Ranch
06:22:24 Elite
🔥 Copied it from Dawson's name since it has a flame emoji XDD
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Silver classic grullo roan (meaning dun, silver, and champagne carrier). Open to offers

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