Flying With Eagles
09:32:02 Flingy
And when the protagonist is inevitably injured by the wild problem horse, there are weird cliche flashbacks.
Kook Caked Stables
09:31:57 Kook/Caked/Cake
Most of the time, the girl doesn't get kicked, and she can just hop on her wild horse, and go win a competition without any training
09:31:55 Legion
And it was a horse that he trained. Gotta get that guilt in there
McSmith Ranch
09:31:47 Mac | Thing 2
There's also the need for the other girl who thinks she's better than everyone
Silver Falls
Flying With Eagles
09:31:15 Flingy
oh oh yeah that guy

he's always there

extra points if the protege was his daughter
New Eagle Equine
09:31:01 Eagle 🎨
Why can't we just have original horse stories?!? Everytime I watch one I feel like I have seen it so many times before even though I haven't.
Morning Glory Farms
09:30:58 MGF/Tricia
Purple I LOVED Picard I can't wait for more
09:30:57 Legion
Bonus points if he's got the Clint Eastwoodesque growl.
Kook Caked Stables
09:30:53 Kook/Caked/Cake
It's the same thing everytime
Silver Falls
Secretariat,Black beauty and spirit are all my altimeter favs!
McSmith Ranch
09:30:42 Mac | Thing 2
Or the girl gets injured by said horse, people try to sell it and she freaks out
09:30:28 Legion
You forgot the washed up trainer who gave up the job after losing his spunky protege in a freak accident.
Kook Caked Stables
09:30:18 Kook/Caked/Cake
Great potato, that is amazing!
Wings Of Glory
09:29:57 O Great Potato Wing
the horse is wild and nobody can tame it until that girl comes along and has to save the farm from being sold by entering a local competition LOL pricelessXD
Kook Caked Stables
09:29:38 Kook/Caked/Cake
Secretariat was amazing! Dreamer was amazing! Black beauty I couldn't do. Spirit I couldn't do, I also like the movie the horse with the flying tail
New Eagle Equine
09:29:18 Eagle 🎨
I actually have one Hallmark movie about a blind horse. Can't remember the name of it but I actually liked it.
Flying With Eagles
09:28:31 Flingy
City girl moves to country and hates country until she meets a horse that changes everything.
New Eagle Equine
09:28:30 Eagle 🎨
Fleur, yep. That happens too much as well.
Silver Falls
Omg eagle I love all of those movies!
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