willow tree acres
04:36:52 aurora
awe lol
Moonrose Mountains
04:36:03 Diva
Le lookie
Grace Gibbis stable
-HEE Click- this link should work
Grace Gibbis stable
-HEE Click- she looks so good with dapples omg
Grace Gibbis stable
what does pure barley grain do?
willow tree acres
04:22:09 aurora
ok thx I did that lol went and washed one took the photo and put it back XD
willow tree acres
04:20:43 aurora
because I was inspired by the name depressed potato and I was bored further down in chat
Moonrose Mountains
04:19:31 Diva
Take a photo of a potato and upload yourself lol
Grace Gibbis stable
aurora why a potato?
Grace Gibbis stable
same shiv i was about to say that
04:18:15 Jacob
With editing you could probably make an image of a rock or jelly bean into a potato
Shivering Sea
04:17:54 Shiv
I got highly confused for a moment cause you both have almost the same colours xD
willow tree acres
04:16:40 aurora
both I just need a singular special potato
04:14:33 Kirra
Unsplash or deviant art?
willow tree acres
04:13:47 aurora
@ Jacob, true
willow tree acres
04:13:22 aurora
anyone know where to find potato images lol
04:12:50 Jacob
At least its not 17 XD
04:10:03 Kirra
I feel ya all
I have so little motivation to art these days
willow tree acres
04:08:02 aurora
the moment I realised I bid on a 15 year old horse D:
04:05:20 Jacob
-HEE Click-
Ah the truest invisabrindle
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