Oceanic Equine
11:15:24 Steph
Hey chat-
The funny Farm
capture never fails to surprise meeee -HEE Click-
Hell Raised Arabians
11:01:17 Bebbe emo owl
Alrighty the pain has subsided, night y'all !
Weeping Willow Ranch
10:59:15 Stalker of Chat
Google isnt always incorrect, Ive correctly diagnosed myself with it after about an hour of research twice.
I still went to the doctor, of course but whatever I finally said I thought I had is what the doctor told me I had
Spitfire Fancy
10:58:42 Mokona
I got this lovely lady while I was breeding up the last of my mares for the month!

-HEE Click-
Snow Stable
10:57:25 Earth Friendly
I must have way different problems then most people! lol
Snow Stable
10:56:49 Earth Friendly
I've got to go. My sister wants to play Mario Kart (64) with me...
Holly Hill Farm
10:56:18 Mon / Montova
Anytime I Google what my symptoms could be it's either a form of cancer, or coronavirus nowadays lol
Snow Stable
10:55:58 Earth Friendly

OK. I also think calcium has to do with hair a bit too...
Hell Raised Arabians
10:55:26 Bebbe emo owl
I am not dying, I know that for sure. Just a little pain heh. I've taken some pain meds so let's hope it eases up
Snow Stable
10:55:25 Earth Friendly

That's never happened to me. Maybe its because I find enough symptoms?
Sun Rain Stables
10:55:22 Sun
goat mama, google always tells me im dying no matter what LOL even if its not cancer i might go into cardiac arrest
Wings Of Glory
10:54:22 O Great Potato Wing
im not sure since she isnt my horse
Snow Stable
10:53:52 Earth Friendly

It could be. Do her hooves grow slowly?
Goat Mama
10:53:00 baaamaste 🐐
Googles first diagnosis is always cancer XD

Google, I have a headache and a sore leg
Oh yes, telltale signs that you have cancer and you are dying
Sun Rain Stables
10:52:56 Sun
so i have this stray/feral cat living under my deck, would it be worth trying to send some passings in for testing? (for diseases etc) or should i wait until he trusts me enough to where i can just bring him into the vet?
Hell Raised Arabians
10:52:34 Bebbe emo owl
Fucking kid was standing behind a corner looking at me from the dark >.>
Hell Raised Arabians
10:52:09 Bebbe emo owl
Oh my ! My brother just gave me a heart attack !
Wings Of Glory
10:51:16 O Great Potato Wing
we're thinking that the mare may have had low calcium
Snow Stable
10:50:13 Earth Friendly

Hm, I guess that happens to people too.
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Chimera, 3yr, X, S. bravery, mare | OPEN February 22, 2021 12:11 PM

Sunset Acres
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I just bought this lovely mare, but realized I don't actually have that much room in my barn, and I'm saving up for RO rather than buying another :')
Therefore, I'm putting her up for auction to 1) clear up barn space, and 2) earn a little more to save up for another barn. Below is an image of her, just click on it to go to her page :)
She is:
- Chimera
- Superb Bravery (Bravery training is in progress, but don't count on this factor when bidding)
- Gene tested
- 3 years
- trained/ tracked AD (not much has happened so far)
SB: 6k (accounting for her price + genetic test)
MI: 2k
AB: 80k
CHB: 15k by Sunstone Equine
- HEE rules :)
End Date: March 1st - 6:00 AM GT

Edited at February 23, 2021 10:38 AM by Sunset Acres
Chimera, 3yr, X, S. bravery, mare | OPEN February 22, 2021 08:23 PM
Posts: 302
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Sb! I need a chimera >:3
Chimera, 3yr, X, S. bravery, mare | OPEN February 22, 2021 08:42 PM
Sunstone Equine
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