White Hills
08:52:34 WH or Hills
For therapeutic riding without getting insurance money you really don't need much of anything, getting it certified so you can actually make money is the slightly more difficult part. I know there are extra steps but I don't remember exactly what they are, it was a few years ago that I was looking into it
08:50:15 Legion
Yeah, that would venture into vet stuff, so you'd need formal schooling for that
08:49:38 Legion
'cause for therapeutic riding, you don't need a degree. There's a few national bodies for it and at max you need to go through a certification process and get a Basic Life Support certificate (aka CPR)
Stone Fox Farm
08:49:24 Fox
I'm pretty sure you need like a bachelor's in veterinary technology for Equine therapy but I'm not sure! If you want to do anything vet related I'd go to veterinary school
Equine Angel Estates
08:49:24 Cool Beans :P
Yes actually working with the horses that need therpy treatment. like trauma or physical
Lone oak estate
Job shadowing. That's how I discovered I couldn't be a vet, which is what I thought I was going to be for my whole life. I found out that I definitely couldn't deal with the rude/ insensitive owners.
Hayzed Pastures
You dont need a degree to be a trainer or BM. Equine therapy would need schooling for sure.
08:48:10 Legion
Define "equine therapy". Are you talking about working with horses themselves as a chiropractor or therapeutic riding?
Heritage Hall
08:48:06 Carra / ColorQuality
No you don't need a degree to be a trainer or stable manager.
River Hill Stables
08:48:02 Ringo
Can you pm me please
Equine Angel Estates
08:47:30 Cool Beans :P
So you dont need a degree for jobs like that?
How about Equine therepy.?
Stone Fox Farm
08:47:24 Fox
I started at the bottom. Cleaning stalls, pretty much doing all the dirty jobs. But you learn alot from it, and the more experience you have the more opportunities you get!
Hayzed Pastures
Im a TB breeder.
08:46:17 Legion
Working at a barn and getting experience.
River Hill Stables
08:45:44 Ringo
Any TB Breeders Online right now
Equine Angel Estates
08:45:43 Cool Beans :P
So how would one become a trainer or stable manager or somthing..?
Stone Fox Farm
08:45:31 Fox
I also competed against Findlay in college and man they make some amazing riders
Stone Fox Farm
08:44:37 Fox
the only school I would recommend would be Findlay. My old riding instructor went there and now she manages a huge successful show barn.
08:44:09 Legion
Yeah. Something medical being an exception. But riding/training type schools? Find a good trainer, instead
Superlative Equine
If the picture is ours, can we use it for our avatar is we copyright it?
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