06:41:40 KpopFan❤ʊ
* :D
06:41:37 KpopFan❤ʊ
Kpop is definitely taking over the radio :D

They usually only play Dynamite by BTS or Blueberry Eyes by Max Ft. Suga. But now they are playing Starlight by Loona and I’m freaking out. Like... Kpop is finally being recognized more on the radio D
06:41:04 Tea || Snaink
Yep, though if it was SES it would probably be better to train SD
06:40:38 Tea || Snaink
Ooh, who's the stud? You can do a matchmaker link if he's for stud/has straws up so that won't show
Hexada Equestrian
06:40:11 Hex
So if I had a PEP horse that I trained and showed in AD I could make more money than training and showing in XC only?
Vixen Creek
06:39:56 Vixie
Thankfully, i think so Tea lol
Hexada Equestrian
06:38:44 Hex
Showing AD
Skye's Paradise
06:38:42 Pickle
What Manduh said Hex
Abstract Dunes
06:38:30 Abs
Please do not use chatspeak (idk) and please do not discuss sales, thinking of sales, wanting sales, not wanting sales, etc. in main.
Hexada Equestrian
06:38:08 Hex
Rate him first!
06:38:08 Tea || Snaink
Hex, Showing AD or Training AD?
Fox Haven Farm
06:37:52 Amanduh
Horses level slower so they stay in the money longer. You also have multiple showing options instead of just one.
Hexada Equestrian
06:37:17 Hex
why is showing AD better?
06:37:07 Tea || Snaink
Was it at least a good stud, Vixie? xD
Vixen Creek
06:36:37 Vixie
accidentally bought a straw. Time to find a mare that matches xD
Skye's Paradise
06:36:32 Pickle
Thanks Wings. Found it. :)
This will be my pretty boy of the barn -HEE Click-
Wings Of Glory
06:33:42 O Great Potato Wing
pickle the horses page under manage horse i believe
Cypress Creek Elites
06:33:10 Tea's RID account
Oh wait on this account my EEE isn't even 3 yet xD
Cypress Creek Elites
06:32:52 Tea's RID account
The only studs I currently have on my main are WC ones. On here, I have an EEE that I just use to pump out geldings.
Anything else I need to breed I use outside studs for
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~ Starrys Sketches ~ Open! May 28, 2020 11:13 PM
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Ayyy, hey Shadow! I'm definitely interesting in your lovely OCs ^^
As a side note, I have three more WP commissions, then I'll move on to HEE to pick up some requests!
~ Starrys Sketches ~ Open! January 13, 2021 07:10 PM
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Oi I was on a haitus for some time, finally just got back. This is still open.
~ Starrys Sketches ~ Open! January 13, 2021 07:35 PM

Mimosa Manor
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Stable Name and number: Mimosa Manor|| 325313
Requested Art (Sketch page, pencil drawing, digital, colored, etc. ): sketch page!
Reference sheet/character art:
Brief personality/background: he's very cocky :)
Preferred position/expression/background: something fun, playful. arrogant and cocky.
~ Starrys Sketches ~ Open! January 15, 2021 09:56 AM
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Awesome, I'll get working on it ^^
~ Starrys Sketches ~ Open! January 15, 2021 08:18 PM

Mimosa Manor
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Stjärna said:
Awesome, I'll get working on it ^^

Thank you!
~ Starrys Sketches ~ Open! January 16, 2021 06:21 PM
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Finished! 20k.

Edited at January 16, 2021 06:22 PM by Stjärna
~ Starrys Sketches ~ Open! January 16, 2021 06:33 PM

Mimosa Manor
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they look awesome <33
~ Starrys Sketches ~ Open! January 20, 2021 02:22 PM

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Are you able to do felines? I have a fantasy cat OC I'd love art for, but I totally understand if not :)
~ Starrys Sketches ~ Open! January 20, 2021 03:39 PM

Amhain Dull Liath
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Aiye, your style's dope as fuck.

1.) Amhain Dull Liath, 248208
2.)Whatever you'd feel like doing, I don't care about the expense. If you'd really like me to make a more set in stone request just let me know and I'll edit this.
3.) I have two characters I'm willing to throw to you, a fantasy horse and a cute pup. I'll just link you to their TH galleries since they have many pics each. Archie, Splish.
4.) I just bought Archie not that long ago so they're a bit of a WIP personality-wise. Old owner wrote on their page that they are very playful and curious, if that's worth anything. Splish, though- he's an energetic and perhaps a bit insane adventurer. Obsessed with all things shiny and very easily distracted. Silly and playful to an incredibly immature degree. But with those fangs, of course, he can be quite scary if he's gotta be.
5.) Once again, whatever you're feeling. I'm not picky.
6.) Uh... Sparkly shiny starry jambalaya.

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