River Bend Stables
02:41:48 River
-HEE Click- Chocolate Horse
7 years ago, I bought a stallion who was a 2 time reserve halter champion at the PHBA world show. He was 16 years old and we only paid $1000 for him. He was the nicest stallion to be around, great to handle, and easy keeping, but he hated the cold winters here, so we sold him to someone in Texas.
02:40:02 Tea
My horse was technically free but we've spent over $4000 (just on his training) in the past eight months
Champagne Acres
02:39:08 Maddie
Shing, Ik then feeling! Weve had to take in so many animals from friends who got them then couldn’t keep them! We’ve gotten dogs, horses, cats, even fish, turtles, hamsters, and rabbits. I’ve also been given a bird once
Stormsong Manor
02:38:50 Darth Ven
Insurance paid all but I think 2500 of it
Stormsong Manor
02:38:32 Darth Ven
I have.... a child that cost us $50k in hospital bills to deliver? lol
Mount Your Horse
Oof we have a multi-champ in the show ring alpaca stud along with seven others (two preggo) and we bought his for cheap at the price of $1,200
Champagne Acres
02:35:09 Maddie
Me too lol
In my area, goat prices are all over the place. I've paid as little as $25 and up to $200, but my friend recently bought an ok looking 75% boer for $1200. I've been given a couple free goats even because mine are mostly pets and we usually keep them until they die. That and we know a lot of people that get things and then can't take care of them.
Dream Stables
02:34:30 Ava
I love her haha
Champagne Acres
02:34:16 Maddie
I know! I love her! Imma cross her to my color stallion her maiden year lol
Dream Stables
02:33:15 Ava
Shes so cute
Champagne Acres
02:32:12 Maddie
-HEE Click-
This is my new color girl!
Mount Your Horse
oof goats sell for around/more then some alpacas
Hollow Tree Acres
02:30:21 Crazy Goat Lady
Yeah, fainting goats were specifically bred to deter predators from more important livestock by being easier prey
I take my little mixed to a petting zoo, and sometimes, people ask me why I don't have any fainting goats. Little kids like to run up on my goats and try to spook them. The ones I have just give them an irritated look. I can't count the number of times I've had to explain that fainting goats aren't safe if you or a neighbor have dogs bigger than Chihuahuas.
Hollow Tree Acres
02:27:16 Crazy Goat Lady
Goats sell for around the same price as cows haha There's a lady in my area that sells Nigerians for 700-2k
Plague Doctor
02:26:47 Green/John
I hate when people scare them on purpose, I just like them cause they are usually small
I don't mind the look of the Damascus goats. As long as they're functional and comfortable, I can handle a little ugly. I just really like the colors and size of boer goats.
Hollow Tree Acres
02:26:10 Crazy Goat Lady
The people who purposely make them faint are the people I really wanna punch in the face 🙄 goats are easily stressed and I'd be so pissed if someone did it to my goats.
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   Serenity acres Art (NEW) September 26, 2020 03:58 AM

Serenity Acres
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I am new to this whole art forums thing but give me a chance and i will get the hand of things :) starting up my art and wanting to improve where i can.
Examples of my work:

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Serenity acres Art (NEW) October 2, 2020 08:33 PM

RavenWood Showing
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Can I order? ;D
Serenity acres Art (NEW) October 8, 2020 11:55 AM

Serenity Acres
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Yes you may :) sorry for late response the second was very busy for me
Serenity acres Art (NEW) October 8, 2020 11:56 AM

Serenity Acres
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RavenWood Showing said:
Can I order? ;D

Yeah you can :) the second was very busy for me. But im back now
Serenity acres Art (NEW) October 17, 2020 10:13 PM

SweetFire Fields
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What price are these? I just might have to order! :)

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