Hell Raised Arabians
10:40:50 Bebbe emo owl
So this is a concern. Each night I keep waking up around 3 with terrible chest pains. My doctors given me stretches cause he thinks my left pec is removing itself from my sternum. I've done all the stretches he's given me, but it's just getting worse :(
Heaven on Earth
10:40:26 Fishy Salad
Is there a way to see all the decor animals are on the game?
Snow Stable
10:39:58 Earth Friendly
-HEE Click-

I love this gold champagne color...
Wings Of Glory
10:39:00 O Great Potato Wing
no he was born healthy but he didnt get any milk from his mom since she didnt have any and by the time we could bottle feed him it was too late
10:38:18 Jacob
Wish i had some rerolls. Just baught a brown KNN boy. Seal brown with his blanket would be nicer lol.
Snow Stable
10:38:05 Earth Friendly

Ah, that's sad. Was it prematurely born?
Snow Stable
10:34:38 Earth Friendly

Wow, luckily the hydraulics didn't break.
Wings Of Glory
10:33:58 O Great Potato Wing
my friend's foal that was born yesterday died last night:/
Sunstone Elite
10:32:12 Sun/Sunny
It was awful yeah xD Had to use the claw for wood to get out. The grass was so torn up.
Snow Stable
10:29:45 Earth Friendly
Yes, he's out. Thank goodness. :) *leans back to rest*
Snow Stable
10:28:15 Earth Friendly

Man, that's worse! He's still on the driveway, which is good. But we have a shale driveway, so really small pieces of rock. I hope he didn't dig into it too much. We have a low sedan...
Wild Horse Fields
oh sorry wrong chat
Hidden Meadow Equine
10:26:11 Winnie
Wild horse
Please don't put sales ads in regular chat.
Vixen Creek
10:25:06 Vixie
Lol i thought we were talking about a horse in the game xD
Sunstone Elite
10:24:12 Sun/Sunny
We had a semi truck full of wood get stuck in our driveway one year ;_; Cleaning up the yard that spring was horrible.
Sun Rain Stables
10:24:07 Sun
might have been trippin on fame. he wasnt my horse i just rode him. was a blue roan from dash lines with moms side from frenchmans
Snow Stable
10:22:30 Earth Friendly
Oh get, the propane truck is stuck in the driveway. Its mainly clear? I can see the driveway...
California Valley
10:22:18 Cali | Kale | Calz
3 lemur decors. A million more to go so I can have a lemur army on one of my horses
Vixen Creek
10:22:10 Vixie
Mmm I've never heard of Dash ta fame
California Valley
10:21:44 Cali | Kale | Calz
Dash For Hell is a bay roan
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art auction~OPEN February 15, 2021 03:42 PM
earth ,wind and fire
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hi!!!! so im doing art now!!!!! here some of it is!!!! they all have credits just copy paist URL and zoom in its
*mod edit* image removed, credentials need to be clearly visible on image itself.

Edited at February 15, 2021 04:58 PM by Moonrose Mountains
art auction~OPEN February 23, 2021 07:02 AM

Moon Bean Stables
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Hi, can you please show examples? Also, you are very new to this, so lower price. There are stables with much more experience who do art for less than you. Also, you should probably do art for your own horses and stable set if you are going to sell it. And I'd consider getting a premium upgrade, so that art buyers can see what your banners/palettes look like. And notice that your art was taken down by mods because it's not credited properly. Imagine how someone would feel if they paid 100k for art that got taken down. Please fix.

Edited at February 23, 2021 07:03 AM by Moon Bean Stables

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