Omega Stables
08:15:03 Bekah
Your boys will have a good home in my showing barn!
Hayzed Pastures
Haha you are welcome :) life is catching up to me so i dont have much time. Definitely wont once i start working full time in January x(
Llama Queen
08:14:04 Older Than Dirt
It means the horse placed 5th place, on the date 9/23 in dressage level 6.
"chrome" is actually a variant of Sabino, so yes, he is. But unless its gene tested you wouldnt know what kind.
Hayzed Pastures
And Bald faces if im not mistaken are usually for splash..? And i believe frame on occasion.
Llama Queen
08:13:29 Older Than Dirt
The genetics of white markings on horses is crazy complex and not fully known
08:13:22 Lulu
D6 9/23-5
what does this mean show-wise
Omega Stables
08:13:19 Bekah
Btw, Hi Hayzed, thanks for all the horses I bought from you yesterday xD
Omega Stables
08:13:05 Bekah
That's so cool!
Hayzed Pastures
To really know you would have to gene test. Could be a variety of and of the white markers. Could be Splash. Could be an unknown gene. You never know
Omega Stables
08:11:15 Bekah
I meant stockings*
Omega Stables
08:11:06 Bekah
She hasn't mentioned that specifically, just that she loves how much white markings he has. He has 4 white socks, a bald face, and some few spots on the inside of his back legs. Enough to be sabino?
Omega Stables
08:10:27 Bekah
Does anyone here watch the youtube channel of Shelby Dennis? She has a foal now on her channel and I wonder if he is sabino
Whipperwill Estate
08:10:24 Whip/Artist
It could have been so much worse.
Llama Queen
08:09:53 Older Than Dirt
-HEE Click- I had better get to keep this girl..
08:09:49 Lulu
-HEE Click-
Clover Leaf Stables
08:09:23 Clover / While
I love the variety of sabinos. Makes them all interesting.
Omega Stables
08:08:53 Bekah
I very much appreciate that I now have horses named Coke Zero and Baja Blast
Llama Queen
08:07:52 Older Than Dirt
Sabino is a VERY wide range of markings
Hayzed Pastures
Like Llama said its the high leg whites. And more specifically the V shape at the top of them

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Club set wanted! (Not yet found) July 17, 2019 02:12 PM

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I want new members for my club! Its for turtle owners, future turtle owners, and for people who just have questions abuot turtles and want to learn more!

Other than that^^^^^

I want Arts for my club. Preferably something with turtles in it since the club is about turtles. Its my first club and I really want to put in a lot of commitment into it. For the art, Depending on quality, Im willing to pay up to 80k for something good. If your thinking about maybe making something, please subscribe to this forum and post examples of your work, This would be highly appreciated!

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Club set wanted! (Not yet found) July 17, 2019 03:20 PM

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Club set wanted! (Not yet found) July 17, 2019 06:53 PM

Raindrop Ridge
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Maybe, pm if interested
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Club set wanted! (Not yet found) July 17, 2019 07:28 PM

Purple Pegasus Farm
Trivia Team
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I'd be thrilled to do it. I've got a good bit of experience working with animals other than equines and feel it would be well within my abilites.
I can work for whatever you feel the end quality is worth.

My most recent piece:

Club set wanted! (Not yet found) July 17, 2019 08:00 PM

Legacy Patron
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I've been trying to get back into art again... here's my most recent:
Also... anything new that I make will hopefully be less blurry than this, I just used WAY too big a picture originally and had to compress it more than I would've liked.

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Club set wanted! (Not yet found) July 17, 2019 08:03 PM

Wildwood Stables
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Club set wanted! (Not yet found) July 17, 2019 09:46 PM

Purple Pegasus Farm
Trivia Team
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Wildwood Stables said:

Theres my art gallery pm me if you are interested :)

Club set wanted! (Not yet found) July 17, 2019 10:01 PM

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Woah, I forgot to subscribe to my own topic, i didnt even realize i had gotten all of these. Sorry guys! Gimme a moment lol
Club set wanted! (Not yet found) July 17, 2019 10:10 PM

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Alright, uhhh. lol. If yall want to yall are free to create something turtley awesome. Im sure theyre gonna look great
Club set wanted! (Not yet found) July 18, 2019 07:26 PM

Arcturus Centre
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