07:10:46 WM
@Ven If you do make art like that, I totally wants to see it when it's done!! XD
After The Storm
07:08:37 Llamas in disguise!
my bathroom has never been so damn clean
New Eagle Equine
07:08:27 Eagle 🎨
Wish I had her Ven! Could definitely use an EEE mare right now.
Lucky Ranch
07:07:39 Lucky
XD such creativity

oo youre right! what a great idea! *ahem* ven! you have some artz to do for horsey mchorseface!
Phantasm Farm
07:07:18 Memelord
Ethan names mine. Means the horse will be good then XD
Purple Pegasus Farm
07:06:50 Graceful
Of course lol.
07:06:43 WM
@Ven If she had a bit of white on her back/rump, it would look like the rain from the background is washing her coat away like ink, and that's what's making the brindle. XD
Stormsong Manor
07:05:47 Ven
My husband named her
Phantasm Farm
07:05:31 Memelord
love the name Ven XD
New Eagle Equine
07:05:04 Eagle 🎨

Apparently I'm the bad guy. All because I'm lonely.
At least you guys are here.

*hugs everyone*
Emmas Eventers
Gorgeous Ven
Nordic Acres
07:04:36 Keo
OHHH nice ven! And a PON... *shoots glares* XD
Angels angels
07:04:28 *has 500+ brindles!*
Yes Ven I know lol ;-;
Stormsong Manor
07:04:00 Ven
May I present Horsey McHorseface

-HEE Click-
Lucky Ranch
07:03:50 Lucky
Nordic Acres
07:03:45 Keo
Angels angels
07:02:40 *has 500+ brindles!*
I want her thoughs
Nordic Acres
07:02:39 Keo
Shes staying put, I'm just mad LOL
Angels angels
07:02:10 *has 500+ brindles!*
I have some Es and Ps but no WC
Dawn Creek Rescue
Ughhh, all of my horses bravery ratings are sub-par, average, superb, and premium ;-;. I used to have a world class bravery but I sold her.
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