Snow Stable
07:44:57 Snow Gem

Does the art have your stable number on it? (nothing else)
Cherry River Elites
07:44:30 Riv
If your art is from/posted on other sites, it isn't allowed on HEE. I am not a moderator, therefore I am unable to answer your questions completely accurately, so if you have any more questions please PM a mod instead of clogging up chat.
Snow Stable
07:44:00 Snow Gem
I think its kinda like making traditional art on paper/canvas. If you sell the original, you shouldn't sell copies of it. Like that. :)
SteelCreek Academy
So this is the first time I’m selling it
SteelCreek Academy
I just made a small story out of it
SteelCreek Academy
I never sold it
Cherry River Elites
07:42:00 Riv
Yes but if it's from other sites (excluding a gallery), you have already sold it somewhere, or it is posted on other sites (again excluding galleries), it isn't allowed. I'm not completely sure why, but I think it has something to do with selling the art twice and/or not being able to prove it's yours. If you have questions I would advise you to ask a mod.
SteelCreek Academy
And not to be rude, I’m extremely pissed that I’m accused of theft and being another theif account.
SteelCreek Academy
So i don’t see an issue since it’s my art
SteelCreek Academy
And it’s hand drawn and posted on insta
SteelCreek Academy
Well I made it
Cherry River Elites
07:39:15 Riv
No, you can't. Art from other sites isn't allowed to be sold on HEE.
SteelCreek Academy
Okay apparently I was an art theif, can someone explain? I play sso and my user is Regina shadowside, can I not use my sso art here?
07:37:23 Wolf Pack
-HEE Click- I have too much hope in her I think
Foggy Forest Stables
07:35:29 Foggy/Lexi {FF$}
-HEE Click-
I think I have too much hope in EEEs because of this gal....
Hy Brasil
07:34:20 Croft
breed capture or buy it SH And KNN
+make~em run+
anyone know which place you could find the new coat pattern for the sport horse?
Hy Brasil
07:31:59 Croft
aye aye
07:31:13 Wolf Pack
I was just joking
Hy Brasil
07:30:06 Croft
why did you not know she was in your barns Wolf? you have done two 0 eb sales with her
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