RockRidge Warmbloods
03:05:13 War hawk | MM5693
I give up, my charger is trash already
Olive Tree Equine
03:01:49 cloud
aw man aspen me too
Aspen Fire ES
03:00:31 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
I'm craving for some sushi right now 😅
RockRidge Warmbloods
02:58:28 War hawk | MM5693
Oh nice foggy!
Foggy Forest Stables
02:57:53 Foggy/Lexi {FF$}
I got a mini pizza :)
RockRidge Warmbloods
02:54:29 War hawk | MM5693
Okay I wired my cord into a usable position lol
Prancing reins
thanks foggy forest cant wait till next RO -HEE Click-
The Valley
02:48:58 River
Thats nice
-HEE Click-
Olive Tree Equine
02:48:30 cloud
hey war hawk
RockRidge Warmbloods
02:46:41 War hawk | MM5693
Haia olive
Olive Tree Equine
02:46:23 cloud
RockRidge Warmbloods
02:45:23 War hawk | MM5693
I just got this phone cord and its already dead *^*
Bighit stables
02:40:23 Training and more~&#
Thank you ^-^
Etherius Equine
02:36:21 Eth
@Bighit that colt is gorgeous!
one of the grooms wasnt at the barn today so i got talked into doing 15 horses :) i literally didnt stop running for 4 hours
Bighit stables
02:31:19 Training and more~&#
And that on my first try Cx
Foggy Forest Stables
02:28:58 Foggy/Lexi {FF$}
Ooooo nice! :D
Bighit stables
02:28:35 Training and more~&#
-HEE Click-

First EWP ○.○
Foggy Forest Stables
02:23:05 Foggy/Lexi {FF$}
I've been prescribed so many things that it's starting to hurt a bit. But she's highly insisting I need them.
Moon rise pack
Same thing happend to me when the weather started to change but the medicine the doctors game me helped
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ISO OC Refs October 20, 2020 11:31 AM

Sunshine Jumpers
Posts: 794
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Do I need to save ebs for an upgrade? Yes. Do I need rehab from my art addiction? Yes. Do I have an OC laying around that I hardly ever use but still adore? YES.
I'm looking for art of any medium for my OC, Salama. Not Salami, Salama. Ask any of my previous partners and they'll say he's been called Salami many times.
Now. What is this OC you say?
None other than a thunder Pegasus.
Yes, his name is lightning in Finnish and he's a thunder pegasus.
Do I care? Nope.
A few references for him!
This is pretty free reign. The only things I really require are-
He MUST be a draft
With feathering
And preferably the ombre mane/tail, plus gray fading to blue on his legs and blue wingtips
Post examples and prices here, or PM me. Either is fine!

Edited at October 20, 2020 11:35 AM by Sunshine Jumpers
ISO OC Refs October 20, 2020 11:32 AM

Sunshine Jumpers
Posts: 794
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Yes, I stole those directly off of my deviantart. Yes, they're mine, I didn't actually 'steal' them.

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