Silver Galaxy Ranch
01:07:16 Sean | Trip | SGR
I was just talking with with one of my super close friends of FaceTime, and we were talking about horses, they said something and I randomly was like “you named your horse Obamas Ocean?” And we just started laughing that hard and just omg 😂😂😂
RockRidge Warmbloods
01:02:23 War hawk | MM5693

This is the stock
RockRidge Warmbloods
12:56:55 War hawk | MM5693
Can I get opinions on how long to make a mane and tail?
12:55:47 hy
thank you guys!! i'm still kind of shocked because i never capture or breed anything good on that account- knns hate me i swear
Emmas Eventers
She is a beauty :)
RockRidge Warmbloods
12:52:06 War hawk | MM5693
Pretty and has good ratings ♡.♡
12:46:32 hy
-HEE Click-
RockRidge Warmbloods
12:39:57 War hawk | MM5693
XD same though

But only certain brands of chocolate, because I'm picky lmao
Haly Zui's Horses
12:39:36 Haly
broken link
-HEE Click-
Haly Zui's Horses
12:39:15 Haly
After a 7 month break this is the first horse I am -HEE Click- The game probably wants me back.
Emmas Eventers
Pretty Rockridge. I'm a fan of Chocolate as both colour and foodstuff lol
RockRidge Warmbloods
12:36:05 War hawk | MM5693
-HEE Click-

Definitely dont regret using my last reroll for this
Silent Grove
You buy them in the store, and they give the breeding that you're using the Sven on a boost. The cost one million ebs each, and can only be used on one match.
King Apollo Farm
12:26:11 Olive
What does sven do and how do you get them?
Purebred Valley
i just Breed a PEE filly im so happy
Purple Pegasus Farm
12:23:30 Purp/PPF
I'm in one of those weird moods right now where I'm bored but don't necessarily want to do anything. :/
RockRidge Warmbloods
12:21:51 War hawk | MM5693
-HEE Click-

I despise him
RockRidge Warmbloods
12:21:12 War hawk | MM5693
That's lovely Doe, congrats
Little South Stable
12:20:25 Dosie Doe
Got a week 3 for WC dessage girl
-HEE Click-
Plague Doctor
12:06:14 Green/John
for my switch
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ISO: Arabian horse art October 27, 2020 08:47 AM

Twisted Tree Stables
Posts: 16
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Hello, I'm looking for some art. It needs to be done by 7:00 game time today. It's a late notice but it will be a gift for a friend on HEE. I want it to be an arabian, with any black and white pattern. There has to be fire somewhere in the piece. Will pay 43k and an EEE filly or aother one of my horses. Post here or PM me ASAP!
ISO: Arabian horse art November 1, 2020 10:39 AM

Anime Potato
Posts: 3118
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Hey I would gladly do it! I know it's like a week late but if you're still looking I can do it :)
ISO: Arabian horse art November 2, 2020 09:42 AM

Twisted Tree Stables
Posts: 16
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Sorry, I already found an artist :)

Forums > Art Shops > Art Requests

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