Running R Ranch
08:23:51 RRR (Jo)
My laptop doesn't like Jello's page x)
Spirtasi Whims
08:18:54 Tasi / Chat Killer
Jello all the art on your page is amazing!
Honey Maple Ranch
08:17:20 Honey
Timbie’s dogs are still awesome XD
Stonewall Stables
@Goat wait W H A T
Goat Mama
08:16:33 Breezie / Goat
Rewatching stranger things with the fam since season four comes out in Aug 👀
peverly hills
08:03:08 call me karma
oop wrong chat
Skye's Paradise
08:02:19 Pickle
I never knew you got that piece. Congrats!
Skye's Paradise
08:01:38 Pickle
Well that refreshed my memory. Damn. That's nice art Jello!
Jellos Warmbloods
07:59:54 Giggles Wubs
It's the first piece in my bio if you need a refresher! :D
Skye's Paradise
07:58:56 Pickle
Or do I? Bleh, have 2 pieces in my mind...
Skye's Paradise
07:57:18 Pickle
Yes! I remember that piece!
Goat Mama
07:57:10 Breezie / Goat
Jello sometimes I go to your page just to stare at it! It’s so incredible 😍😍
Jellos Warmbloods
07:56:29 Giggles Wubs
Pickle, no. The good/evil hippocampus piece
Jellos Warmbloods
07:55:58 Giggles Wubs
Oh dang. You guys are right!
And I LOVE that piece, too!
Skye's Paradise
07:55:03 Pickle
Was that the white mare with the piglet piece?
Just Chaos
07:53:34 AL
I will get her arts if she behaves
-HEE Click-
Goat Mama
07:53:29 Breezie / Goat
Trigg won, Bell was runner up
I think you have her winning piece in your bio jello XD
Sunstone Elite
07:52:11 Sun/Sunny
Trigg won the first tumble :P
Skye's Paradise
07:50:33 Pickle
That must be exciting Jello! How long has she had him/her?
07:48:56 Wolf Pack
Good news, my finger has been sprained for 1 month officaly
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Art Practice May 3, 2021 09:48 PM

Spirtasi Whims
Posts: 1850
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I need some horses to practice on. Unique colors/ patterns only, I need to do a patterns tutorial so if you are okay with me using your horse let me know!
Art Practice May 3, 2021 09:52 PM

Ocelot Equine
Posts: 85
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If you want practice with the new sooty
Art Practice May 3, 2021 09:53 PM

White Hills
Trivia Team
Posts: 2146
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Lots of fun patterns and apricot
Art Practice May 3, 2021 09:53 PM

Posts: 3756
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Art Practice May 3, 2021 09:58 PM

Goat Mama
Posts: 3534
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Art Practice May 3, 2021 10:21 PM

Deus Vault
Posts: 11
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I've got a barn full of fun patterns, but here's one of my favorites:
Art Practice May 3, 2021 11:59 PM

Guinness Hollow
Posts: 10
Give Award girl has some neat pattern edges. Adelaide decided to get some spots which would be fun!
Art Practice May 4, 2021 04:19 AM

Very Wise Grape
Posts: 954
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I have a few so I'll just link them all here.
Cremello Tobino Sabino Link
Leopard Chimmy Link
Tobino Belton Sooty Link
Cemello Tobino Belton Lace Link
Silver Sooty Sabino Link
Near Leopard Link

Edited at May 4, 2021 04:22 AM by Very Wise Grape
Art Practice May 4, 2021 04:48 AM

Posts: 2635
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Some champagne + a lot of patterns beauty

Art Practice May 4, 2021 07:07 AM

Posts: 253
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genpic.php?id=26055595&bg=6&decor=Y&tm=1620129958 She is the all-new dappled palomino

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