Kiber Stable
09:44:13 Kibbles
And it's only Wednesday.

The right one is coming down again and holy Jesus
Savannah Stables
09:44:11 bunbun
puck just make all of those word "beans"
09:42:44 puck
99,500 words in my WIP. Five hundred left until 100k. Eek
Ironclad Roan Estate
09:40:58 Roanie / Birdie
One more race to go... So close
09:40:33 puck
oh tea kibbles. you're just not having a great week are you
Kiber Stable
09:39:55 Kibbles
Wisdom teeth can fuck off
09:39:42 puck
On the other hand, my old trainer had horses in similar situations- little kids with no business riding them. So I had the BEST time sitting on these nice nice animals to keep them fit since their kids couldn't handle them. So I'm sure the trainer is having a great time
Savannah Stables
09:38:13 bunbun
if the horse isnt being neglected, seems fine to me
Silver Isle Eventing
09:37:58 Shard
@Puck, true. I guess that's one way of looking at it. XD
09:37:05 Legion
As long as the horse is healthy and cared for, who cares?
09:36:36 puck
If it helps, the horse doesn't care if it's being wasted. It just wants to eat hay
Silver Isle Eventing
09:35:45 Shard
I'm tempted to stop following her because it's disappointing to see such an amazing horse sitting as a pasture ornament + it's also irks me how spoiled she is.
09:33:19 Legion
...loling because my parents are looking at a third horse this weekend..
golden medusa jelly
09:32:23 Jellyfish/golden
omg thats ridiculous also children have like no commitment 3 horses is too much
09:32:05 Legion
Doubtful lol
09:31:36 Legion
Could be parent's horses.
Silver Isle Eventing
09:31:14 Shard
@Oakfield, her parents must be really really rich.
Oakfield Farms
How does a 12 year old even have the money to own a horse in general-
Silver Isle Eventing
09:29:16 Shard
One of my barn friends sold her really nice horse to a 12 year old and I have been following the 12 year old on instagram to keep up with the progress of the horse. And the girl owns 2 other horses... she's 12 years old and owns 3 horses... Unfortunately, I don't think the horse gets ridden very much. Sad to see so much potential just sitting there.
golden medusa jelly
09:17:01 Jellyfish/golden
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