The wilderness
05:04:02 Wild
Boulder -
I know how to make ebs, I just was asking how other people do it whether they do showing or whatever :)
04:58:18 Maggie
Hidden falls are pretty dry this morning...
Boulder Creek
Check out the Trivia - easy and fun way to make weekly ebs.
The Genetics practice will help with up to 5k a day. And quests can be profitable if you're able to churn them out.
04:53:09 Maggie
Is it possible to breed 2 breeds at a time? Thinking of ISH and WB.
04:51:30 Maggie
I just enter shows.
The wilderness
04:51:00 Wild
What do people here do to earn ebs? I’m curious of different people’s strategy.
i dont know i should check
04:48:55 Maggie
What is the colour rarity?
hm okay thanks
04:48:24 Maggie
If it looks gorgeous to you, sure.
is a blood bay a good keeper for a color breeder ??
it really is
04:44:40 Maggie
This chat is... so dead.
04:42:11 Maggie
The wilderness
04:18:59 Wild
Sales chat is dead too, and I don’t wanna flood it lol
The wilderness
04:07:39 Wild
But lol I don’t have the patience to look through the breeding list of EEE+ mares. And 5hey’ll probably be too expensive. But I’ll save up.
The wilderness
04:04:39 Wild
Well I’m hoping to find a Mare to match Depth Charge.
03:48:53 Whim
Wild Garnet Fields
03:48:05 Arc
-HEE Click-
Just this one for me, but I don't have super high hopes for it lol
03:47:02 Whim
What are your big matches?

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Coke’s Traditional Montage (gallery) August 10, 2019 09:36 AM

Coke Acres
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Hello! Take two I guess! Upload works now :D so yeah here we go!

Made this yesterday <3 (8/9) Took about a hour

Freehand Dragon made sometime in August. Took about a hour.

Horse head made sometime in June. Unknown work time. (May make into a stable avvy on blank paper)

Wolf made sometime in June, unknown work time.

Please PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY ART! I made these myself. I use my name signature because these pieces are for my own personal use in real life.

Edited at August 10, 2019 11:14 PM by Coke Acres
Coke’s Traditional Montage (gallery) August 10, 2019 09:40 AM

Coke Acres
Posts: 164
Coke’s Traditional Montage (gallery) August 10, 2019 09:40 AM

Coke Acres
Posts: 164
And reserved

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