Neema Farms
11:11:50 Breeze's Wubs
-HEE Click-
Why you no W?
JigSaw Elite
*amhain stupid auto correct
JigSaw Elite
your whole account is like a tumblr/instagram/twitter shitpost and I love that
Wintergreen Gardens
11:10:32 Winter
Hey mish, do you like my set and palette? Hehe I think im getting a lil better...
Purple Pegasus Farm
11:10:15 Graceful
Alrighty then. :D
Wintergreen Gardens
11:09:55 Winter
Mishy XDD
Amhain Dull Liath
11:08:55 #1 dumbass
So the small, functioning side of my brain knows how to say quesadilla, but the more powerful, dumbass ape side can never say it as anything but an excitable "kayyyy-sah-dill-a!" and this is honestly ruining me right now because I'm trying to eat a quesadilla and kaysahdilla is haunting me repeating over and over in my head nonstop. in this essay of a shitpost written by an annoying bitch who has lost every shred of patience and sanity left, I will--
Purple Pegasus Farm
11:06:11 Graceful
Level five race up.
Wintergreen Gardens
11:05:40 Winter
JigSaw Elite
aw :3 that makes me happy to hear <3
Wintergreen Gardens
10:59:34 Winter
Yeah! I cant wait to see it in its final form @ JigSaw
Garner Stud
10:56:51 Soupy
JigSaw Elite
thanks wintergreen ^.^
JigSaw Elite
original characters
Wintergreen Gardens
10:55:35 Winter
Looks good @ JigSaw
Garner Stud
10:55:07 Soupy
What are OCs?
Luna's Stable
JigSaw Elite
the lineart will be tweaked later
JigSaw Elite
-Click- hows this look so far? I'm working on the base currently
10:51:58 puck
tells you the genetics for a horse's coat colors
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Coke’s Traditional Montage (gallery) August 10, 2019 09:36 AM

Little Wolf Creek
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Hello! Take two I guess! Upload works now :D so yeah here we go!
Made this yesterday <3 (8/9) Took about a hour
Freehand Dragon made sometime in August. Took about a hour.
Horse head made sometime in June. Unknown work time. (May make into a stable avvy on blank paper)
Wolf made sometime in June, unknown work time.

Please PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY ART! I made these myself. I use my name signature because these pieces are for my own personal use in real life.

Edited at August 10, 2019 11:14 PM by Coke Acres
Coke’s Traditional Montage (gallery) August 10, 2019 09:40 AM

Little Wolf Creek
Posts: 494
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Coke’s Traditional Montage (gallery) August 10, 2019 09:40 AM

Little Wolf Creek
Posts: 494
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And reserved

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