Boulder Creek
For those who didn't get anything or worthwhile raid (and there is a round currently)
...maybe check the falls?
Ocean River Stables
05:29:18 Ocean, Dawn, Aero
I understand how you feel, especially the crampy and moody stuff. It sucks
05:28:43 Mari ♥
Ocean, I will I'm just very crampy and moody :/
Hayzed Pastures
Eh. To eat id need to cook. And i am drained of energy. I also cant really eat icecream. >.<
Ocean River Stables
05:28:00 Ocean, Dawn, Aero
Oh no! Feel better soon Mari!
05:27:24 Mari ♥
My entire body is in pain especially my uterine area. My boyfriend gave me a tummy massage today and it was incredible!
Spirtasi Whims
05:27:04 Tasi / Chat Killer
-HEE Click-
So close! This poll will close after 250 votes and only 100 more are needed :D
Then the Rumble can commence
Black Forest Horses
05:26:56 McKay/Chedder!
Eat then tub then maybe ice cream
Maximum comfort
Boulder Creek
Oh no!

Hayzed Pastures
T-T I need to cook dinner. But i am also in need of a bath bomb and crying session in the tub.
05:22:54 Mari ♥
I ended up with nothing but it was still fun!
The Joker
05:22:50 Ari <3
thank you so much moo!
Mrs.Moo's Tea Shop
05:22:42 Mrs.Moo
You're welcome everyone!!
PK Rescue Stable
05:21:33 Smeagol Twisted
thanks everyone! Especially Mrs. Moo!
Wild Winnie Equine
05:21:15 Winnie
I got the glass! Thank you so much moo!! <3
Painted Perfection
05:21:11 Lunabear
That was fun
Ocean River Stables
05:20:48 Ocean, Dawn, Aero
Great job everyone!
Stellar Performance
05:20:33 Lunabear
Congrats everyone!
Stellar Performance
05:20:15 Lunabear
Nothin. Oh well :)
Stellar Performance
05:18:30 Lunabear
If I get anything like a glass or something I'll throw the straw back in as well
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What app do u use

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