Double C Stables
04:52:06 DC/Kate =3
poking in to say hi =3
Stellar Performance
04:45:49 Lunabear
Nevermind I figured it out
Mrs.Moo's Tea Shop
04:45:41 Mrs.Moo
Go on the stable's page, open "events and games" tab and then hit the "raid" button!
Zeberz Manor
04:45:05 Zebz / Zee
Trivia question or genuinely curious , google told me the answer.
PK's ISH Dreams
04:44:20 Smeagol fossil
I must move my poor old body now, toomuch sitting lol! be back soon
Stellar Performance
04:44:20 Lunabear
Stellar Performance
04:44:15 Lunabear
Shoot how do you Rabid again
Rolling Oaks Ranch
04:44:11 Rolli
Thats awesome PK! Congrats!
04:44:02 Cinderella//LC
Aboriginal..anyone know the meaning of it?
Tiny Viking
*peeks around for cora*
Red Forest Riding
If you are interested in buying them why have them up for sale?
PK's ISH Dreams
04:41:29 Smeagol fossil
Two glasses & a straw! my lil account doth grow
Mrs.Moo's Tea Shop
04:41:10 Mrs.Moo
You guys <3
PK's ISH Dreams
04:40:38 Smeagol fossil
Thank you so very much Mrs. Moo! you are a Gem!
Rivendell Steeds
04:40:28 Ronin
Dang I got 7 items from that raid
Stellar Performance
04:38:09 Lunabear
If I click one more time in search of one of my horses I'm gunna flip lol.

I wish there was something implemented that we could make it so we can't look up our own horses when looking for horses for sale
Walliua Arabians
04:36:13 Zebz Arabs
(Yes i know this is my AA account...)
Walliua Arabians
04:35:53 Zebz Arabs
-HEE Click- Darn it, was trying for just 1 W LOL
Mrs.Moo's Tea Shop
04:35:06 Mrs.Moo
Next glass in the raid is the red heart glass <3
Brookfield Stables
04:34:48 Brook
-HEE Click-

How do you guys like my new art for my stud?
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Nyxs Traditional Mess June 16, 2021 05:48 PM

Posts: 1524
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wow it has been forever since I made an art forum of any kind. After falling out of love with art of most types, I decided to try and draw to release my stress. Its been about a year since I have drawn on pencil and paper - a full drawing, not just sketches - and I just poured my soul into those pieces.

Recently, I have been struggling with thinking I am enough. It happens to the best of us and with a ton of changes going on in my life and the stress of college exams (especially my math exam - i have an absent instructor), its just difficult. I know I am one of the fortunate ones but, its still hard to deal with.

Anyways, I have debated over the last couple of days if i would post these drawings simply because they mean so much to me. They are mainly scribbles but I decided I would throw them out there for anyone willing to take a look. I plan on focusing on this type of art for a while with a goal of drawing at least one image a day to post here.

Welcome to Nyx's Traditional Mess of a gallery!

Nyxs Traditional Mess June 16, 2021 05:58 PM

Posts: 1524
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this is done with charcoal, it took me about 45 minutes to do. I think this is one of my favorite pieces I have done this week. (its not the first one I have done and the posts below are in no particular order)
Nyxs Traditional Mess June 16, 2021 06:00 PM

Posts: 1524
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another charcoal piece... as you all can probably tell, I didn't go for a full, ultra detailed look. (also this is only the second time ive ever used charcoal and I really like it. This is a piece I did in 30 minutes before my math exam to ease my nerves)

Edited at June 16, 2021 06:01 PM by Daranyx
Nyxs Traditional Mess June 16, 2021 06:19 PM

Posts: 1524
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These were quick 15 minute sketches that I did late last night with two charcoal pencils (black and white).
Nyxs Traditional Mess June 16, 2021 06:25 PM

Posts: 1524
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I wanted to practice textures and older skin with a mechanical pencil. I went behind with some white charcoal to add highlights and fix some areas I think were too dark. I didnt really want to do the mouth since I kept messing up so i just put the triangle shape there. This is the second drawing that I did which I did on the 14th. My first one was a figure drawing but I dont think nude drawings would be allowed (even if they arent explicit and youd see someone's backside) I am sure many of you wouldnt appreciate it so i am holding those but If you are interested in seeing any of my figure drawings just pm me and I can send them to you... for now I have contacted a mod asking about it :)

Edited at June 16, 2021 06:26 PM by Daranyx

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